Immigration Policy in the United States of America

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United States of America has been a tranquil home for most immigrants. It has also benefit a pool of professionals who have contributed to the general economic growth of the country. Since time immemorial, immigration policies have been favoring most immigrants. Ambitious and able immigrants have flocked the money markets leading to an overall local and global growth of the country (Paredes,2015). They have diversified the American culture in constructive proportions. Additionally, favorable immigration policies had increased the number of immigrants.  As a result more markets have been developed to fully satisfy the needs and expectations of the growing population. Growing population has also received substantial workforce tantamount to increase the production activities and the overall revenue for more economic growth.

However, a blow has recently hit the immigration departments after several amendments have been made on the previous policies (Paredes,2015). The president has signed a passed bill seeking to deport all undocumented America. These amendments have sheer repercussions on not only the country but each and every citizen in the country. Deportation of undocumented citizens will be disastrous to the country. Firstly, the country will experience a drop in the gross domestic product. (GDP).  This will result from a possible decrease of the overall workforce within the country. The government comptroller has provided an estimate of a possible loss of about $3 trillion over a period of seven years of deportation. Additionally, deportation leads to family separation.

This occurs when a family has members who are not documented being deported. Family separation increases the country’s dependency ratio. Furthermore, it causes an influx in the federal poverty (FDL) level (Green, & David, 2016). Such a problem comes about when the deported family member was the sole bread winner.  More so, the citizen’s confidence in the federal government is lost. For example, the constitution stipulates that teach citizen has a right to be protected by the governed. All people in the country have the constitutional to be protected as citizens. When such policies are approved, the integrity of the country and its leaders becomes questionable (Green, & David, 2016).

Lastly, deportation shows lack of acknowledgement of the citizens’ effort in contributing to the wholesome growth of the country. It therefore taints the name good reputation of the country. Such repercussions may lead to impaired relationships with other countries (Phillipe, & Legrain, 2016).

To resolve the problems created by the change in immigration policy, the country should streamline its Visa systems. For example, most undocumented citizens are discouraged from renewing their Visas due to delayed processing. A smooth system which will provide quick renewal services which encourage more people to apply them (Reuben & Walter, 2016). Secondly, the country should provide a reward to the undocumented citizens for their active participation in growth of the economy by giving them the chances to non-bureaucratically document themselves (Phillipe, & Legrain, 2016).

Thirdly, the government should concentrate on affairs which threaten the national security rather than affecting the lives of those building the country (Bryan, 2017). For example, new strategies should be developed in the immigration department which will contribute to curbing terrorism. Such a move is a realistic security enforcement strategy rather than blaming it all on constructive immigrants.

Lastly, the provision of civic education will boost the awareness o9f the immigrants on the benefits of being documented. Some immigrants may be oblivious of the strictness of the law on immigrants’ documentation requirements (Bryan, 2017). Civic education will avail the niche for the immigrants to understand the law and its requirements. Conclusively, consideration of these recommendations will be a clear picture that the federal government understands and cares for all citizens who contribute to the social, political and economic development of the country (Phillipe, & Legrain, 2016).


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