Impacts of Growing Up Without a Father

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The Role of Mass Production in Obesity

The essay on mass production as a cause of obesity in America is well written with examples to show the extent to which the production causes obesity. It indicates how the food we take and the products we consume regularly may be the causal agent of obesity. It has rich content relating to mass production and obesity. However, the writer could have used statistics to prove the point of the collective output causing diabetes, similarly to make the argument about the exposure to obesogenic compound sound the writer could have used some researches showing that individuals exposed to these compounds are disposed to obesity. The writer could have also included information on how genetic factor and poor lifestyles including lack of excessive also contributes to obesity.

The Impacts of Growing Up Without a Father

The essay 'impacts of growing up without a father' has a substantial introduction and statistics showing the severity of the situation. The article has covered the essential impacts that parenting have on children, problems that arise from lack of one parent have also been well outlined. The writer has included studies showing the difference between children with both parents and children with one or no parent. However, the writer could have indicated how children in foster cares or orphans cope with these situations or how adoptive parents strive to fulfill the emotional, psychological and physical needs of foster children. It was important to outline theories that explain the emotional, mental and behavioral variances between children having both parents and those with a single parent.

The Social Effects of Texting as the First Choice of Communication

The Social Effects of Texting as the First Choice of Communication is a well-informed essay. It shows how texting has impaired people's social life and the ability to express themselves easily. The information is enriched by including research that was conducted to affirm the impacts of the texting. The essay is detailed and also talks about the psychological perspective of texting. The writer could have used statistical evidence to emphasize the effects of texting. Since the term effect mean both negative and positive outcome of a situation, the writer could have included the positive social effects of texting including enabling communication with a large number of people and faster delivery of information.

August 21, 2023


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