Interstellar and Kindred

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Dana in Kindred and Cooper in Interstellar both have noble intentions of assisting their families in creating a conducive environment for effective cohabitation. This research looks at how aspects of betrayal, individual desires, and self-preservation clash with the generous intentions expressed by the two characters in the book Kindred and the film Interstellar.
Conflict of Betrayal, Desires, and Self-preservation with Noble Aspirations of Heroes
Dana, the main character in Butler's play Kindred, has promising prospects that could change her life and the lives of others. Despite this goal, the concept clashes with issues of self-preservation. After encountering with a group of patrollers, the first case of self-protection arises. She claims that 'Patrollers made sure the slaves were where they were supposed to be at night, and they punished those who weren't.' (2.6.7). Dana had to deal with the issue of violence to slaves after realizing that the patrol did not harm people. Instead, they just enjoyed exerting power over others.
Besides this matter, Dana had to defend her relationship from the aspect of ethnic bias. After her marriage with Kevin being opposed by her parents, the woman still wants to stay with her husband when she comes back to the plantation. To facilitate the relations Dana appeals to Rufus for his help in delivering letters to Kevin. She aspires to ensure that the letters are delivered to her spouse. On the contrary, Rufus was completely against this relationship and knew that it would never be successful. Furthermore, he tells Dana "That's better than saying you're his wife. Nobody would believe that." (3.2.144). It appeared to Rufus that such a relationship could never be possible in such a context. He even suggests that Kevin could only be Dana's grand master but never a husband. Moreover, Dana is betrayed by Liza through informing Rufus. We are aware that Dana's aspiration is the progress of the marriage but the betrayal from her friend Liza is conflicting with this purpose. To be precise, the mentioned circumstances act as an obstacle to the peaceful relations of a couple. Furthermore, Dana desires to stay with Kevin but due to the Rufus personal desire, their relationship gets under threat. Her intentions and the betrayal are opposing hence making the situation to be complex.
Dr. Mann is the first man to get on the planet in this mission. He founds that real things are different from his expectation. The man discovers that he cannot collect the relevant data that can help accomplish his mission on the planet. Due to his self-preservation where he describes himself as brave and determined to complete the mission, he is forced to do everything to make certain that the operation does not fail. In other words, Dr Mann did not want to be labeled as sore and desperate loser. Cooper aspires to have the actual results and relevant outcomes. Being on the new planet, he highlights that 'We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.' His intentions and the self-preservation of Dr. Mann are contrary and make the state of things more complex. Betrayal is also pronounced in the situation where Cooper is killed such that his aspiration declines. Cooper wants to ascertain that the right things are done cannot progress since his life is interrupted.
Dr. Mann desires the mission to be accomplished and his manipulation over fake data to succeed. In this case, therefore, he is willing to do anything such that these intentions to be implemented properly. Hence, he made a decision to kill Cooper and to stop him from providing the actual information to the Earth. Cooper's purpose to deliver the right data is contradictory to the personal prospects of Dr. Mann. In fact, Cooper claims that clearly 'Mankind was born on Earth ... it was never meant to die here' after obtaining significant information to support his ideas.
Mankind's Inherent Flaws
The book Kindred and the film Interstellar outline different intensities of existing problems faced by individuals. Dana despite her aspirations to undertake noble prospects becomes tied up with different challenges. At the same time, Cooper finally becomes murdered due to other person's will. The main inherent flaws in people are hatred and betrayal that come from self-approval.
In summary, science fiction allows the above mentioned speculations to make known the things that might happen to individuals in the real conditions. Even though some of the science fiction components are considered to be generated, they develop a more detailed content that can be comprehended.

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December 15, 2021

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