Job Description of a Court Clerk

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The job description is of the position of a court clerk at Reed Smith. The job is offered at part-time, full-time and at temporary basis. The description gives the number of offices of the firm through Europe, Asia, The United States and Middle East. From the information given, the important elements of the description such as the summary of the position, the essential function when an individual occupies the position, the qualification, the skills, experience and other elements that may be important when getting to do the job are described.  The description provided is enough to help understand the position, the working condition and even the report relationships that are not directly addressed.

 When writing a job description, it is important for the supervisors to solicit the participation of the current employees that is presently doing the job. From the participation, the supervisor is able to determine some of the changes that may have occurred in the role and responsibilities since he was recruited in the position (Feldman, Daniel and Hugh, 78). The changes may call for some new key skills which may have not been included in the previous job description. The involvement of the person currently at the position also ensures that the job description is detailed and no important element is left out.

A summary statement is an important part of any job description. There are important elements that have to be included in this section to make it comprehensive and complete. The summary can be given in one to three paragraphs. It summarizes the main points of the job description that includes the key functions, key responsibilities of the position, main education and experience requirements and any other important information that the supervisor finds important such as the scheduling and travel of the new employee (Pató, 105). When the elements are present, they make the description complete. It is mainly used in job posting to give the main elements that the organization may be looking for when recruiting. The supervisor expects nothing lees from what is posted in the summary.

In the qualification section, there is description of competence. Competence refers to the ability to successfully and efficiently complete the mentioned tasks. In a job description, the section describes the expectations of the job in terms of performance. It also depicts the skills, knowledge and the abilities necessary to be competitive in the position. In some descriptions, the bases for measuring performance are provided (Pennell, 280). Competence is an important element in the section. An example, when a job descriptions states that the individual should be able to file electronic documents in various courts, it implies that the candidate have the knowledge of the process of filling and how to electronically use the devices to effectively complete the task.

Job descriptions are used in different areas in an organization. In most businesses, it is used for recruitment. It helps the organizations remain focused on the skills and qualifications that they need from the new employees. They are also applied in training new recruits. When the new employees are brought into an organization and there is need for a training schedule, job descriptions are used as guidance to ensure the training is successful. When expectations are asset, job descriptions become essential. They are ideal of the elements that a position should accomplish. They are in these cases used to set expectation from employees in the organization.

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November 13, 2023


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