K-pop and South Korea Soft Power

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Why Korean pop (k-pop) culture is so popular around the world? Connection with South Korea soft power?

K-pop is a music type instigating from South Korea. The term narrow sense to describe a modern form of South Korean favorite music drawing inspiration from a variety of classes and genres from around the world including the western pop music, gospel, hip-hop, standard, a country in addition to Korean music roots. Moreover, a good example of k-pop music is the Gang man style. The song went viral with almost 2.7 billion outlooks on YouTube. Nevertheless, an increasing culture devoted to Korean contemporary music is captivating root amongst music enthusiasts around the world. Also, k-pop hit is a combination of kinfolk's conscious lyrics and malevolently memorable hooks (Gilman, 2014).

 K-pop is vehemently growing due to its cooperation with the UK to develop inter-cultural abilities of instructors and their scholars. The UK and South Korea are working hand in hand to establish better programmer and approach for arts and design. According to Martin Fryer, Koreans are well disposed to the UK to facilitate research collaboration and boost the creative industries (Pop, 2016). The group is well known for having excessive, distinctive and eye-popping figures.  Furthermore, artists have an excellent stand out from the mass as well as taking assertiveness towards a different stage (Pop, 2017).

Nonetheless, K pop music is considered to have catchy hooks and sing along lyrics. Furthermore, k pop makes songs look attractive to enthusiasts no matter the language used by the Koreans’ pop artists don’t grow famous overnight as per the most of the renowned western artist. For this reason, Korean artistes are regularly prepared and mentored by well-trained directors for an extended period of years before their first song recording. Further, the intensive training offered to make these beginning artistes experienced musicians by the time they start recording and producing songs. Nonetheless, Koreans have moving dancing routines and schedules that become so insanely demanding (Korczynski, 2014).

Research questions

1. Why is k-pop music so popular in the world?

2. What is the connection between k-pop music and South Korea soft power?


Koreans dominate in this area too by their complicated and challenging performing routines. However, most of the Korean music’s require proficient dancers. Most of the Korean pop music is not edited as most of the westerner's songs are done, mores, the Koreans have to undergo an insane amount of hard work, rehearsal as well as skilfulness (Biron, 2013). Subsequently, Koreans marketing ploy and the combination of singing and acting in north Americana are unreservedly talented. Likewise, pop artists take along an entire new-fangled level sense to custom. Artists splash and have an unquestionably exclusive way of inferring current styles (Korczynski, 2014).

K-pop has a predisposition of putting forward extremely brilliant groups with an original conception. Most of the musical groups record songs in different languages, and for this reason, they can multiply the band's potential audience immensely. Additionally, the fact that the Koreans have studied in the western culture, they have been able to record songs in a multilingual method in that not only fans in Asia are appealed but also fans in the world of the west (Biron, 2013).

In conclusion, over the last decades, South Korea has become very opulent and revolutionary. South Korea, although archaeologically unadventurous, has in the long run incorporated the flamboyant in addition to imaginative culture. The liberal application of this kind of easy-going power by a trivial and habitually customary administration will likewise be a firm pathway pass to employ by means of multitudes of fresh characters all over the world.


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August 01, 2023

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