Liberalism and Conservatism in the Post-War Era

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The liberalists in the post-war era believed in the people driving every aspect of development and change. They believed in protecting their nation and preserving its liberty to enable the citizens to grow. The success of a country to them was pegged on the citizens with the support of the government and institutions. The imagination, initiative, and anger of the people would be the determining factor as to whether they develop a great society or not. However, for them, a great society would mean a place of hard work where every child has equal education and health rights, and every man serves both the demands of the body and desire to ensure the beauty of the whole community.

The conservatives believed in the power of individualism where nothing should be guaranteed from the government or political party rather from hard individual work. They believed in their old ways because they were true to them. They viewed non-conservatives as people who have lost diversity and genuine individual creativity. Conservatives purposed to dispel foggy thinking that accommodates all views in hard decision making tables. According to them, it is important to remain strong and fight for your space because only the strong can achieve liberty and keep the peace. The conservatives believe that a government should be honest with its people about the realities it is undergoing, for example, war decisions. They were against communism and labeled it a hindrance to peace and stability that is much desired by all.

Liberalism in the post-war era tended to seek attitudes like racial relations, civil liberties, and communal economic growth soldiered by the government. However, conservatism was more of individual beliefs that focused on retaining the traditional culture and civilization while also favoring stability.

November 24, 2023


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