Marilyn Manson's Music Influence

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Whether Marilyn Manson's music has had an influence on you is a subject of much debate, and the answer is complicated. Many people attribute Marilyn's influence on other artists to the music of Alice Cooper, Depeche Mode, Vaudeville, Burlesque, and other acts. Others, however, cite Marilyn's influence on vaudeville and burlesque performers. But which of these bands are most influential?

Alice Cooper

A high-profile member of the music industry, Alice Cooper has commented on the allegations of sexual abuse by Marilyn Manson. The rocker has also defended fellow actor Johnny Depp, who was accused of assaulting his ex-wife, Amber Heard. He says that he has "never seen Marilyn Manson abuse anyone."

Depeche Mode

The influence of Marilyn Manson and Depeche Mode on modern hard rock is undeniable. Although both groups have a strong presence in the hard rock world, the influence of Depeche Mode on the sound of Deftones can't be underestimated. This rock band is known for their eerie synth-pop and electronic music, and they have been influential on a wide variety of genres, including metal, hard rock, and alternative music.


Marilyn Manson's music is influenced by the theatricality of the vaudeville style. The vaudeville performers are known for conjuring up the devil with a haze of dry ice. Manson's music is traditional in many ways but incorporates theatrical elements. This acoustic song is an example of Manson's trademark voice. The band's "Scream" is an excellent example of this.


Dita Von Teese has spoken out in support of Marilyn Manson following the allegations of domestic violence he committed against a former lover. Von Teese, who was married to the late Marilyn Manson for seven years, says she was never abused by the notorious rocker. However, the actress did state that she is grateful to those who have stood up for Marilyn Manson. Though she isn't a victim of abuse, she has been a fan of Manson.

Rock 'n' roll

Although Marilyn Manson is known as a shock rocker, she was not the first one. She followed a long line of theatrical subversives with her unique take on American pop culture, celebrity and society. Her music was full of dark intelligence and humour. While the majority of her work is attributed to industrial metal, she also dabbled in various other genres. She also embraced elaborate video shoots and aesthetics.

Shock rock

The first obvious influence on Manson's style of music came from Screamin' Jay Hawkins, who sang "I Put a Spell on You" in the early 50s. Hawkins was the first to use the "shock rock" sound on stage, and his trademark opening act involved coming out of coffins while wearing strange makeup and carrying a skull on a stick. Despite the influence of the rock genre, Hawkins' performances did not lead to any resounding success. However, over the course of his career, he did write new music, and he became a father for the first time.

Smells like children

Smells Like Children is an early Marilyn Manson release, and is a bizarre mash-up of cover songs and original songs. The album's main thrust is on the loss of innocence and abuse, with the music reflecting this mood in a bleak and sometimes disturbing way. Its musical style seems to be based in shock statements and vulgarities, but the album doesn't do much more than shock.

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