Martin Luther Movie Review

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In his day, Martin Luther was a radical individual who desired to see comprehensive and far-reaching changes in the Catholic Church. He went to hide after posting the 95 theses after receiving significant pushback that resulted from him attempting to make a difference ("Watch Luther Online | Watch Full Luther (2003) Online For Free"). He sought the intervention of God and interpreted the word of the Lord so that an ordinary person may read. Indeed, he was a man of God who transformed the world for Christ even though he struggled with despair and he was not perfect.

            In this performance and interpretation of Luther, it can be seen that focus was given to the historical realism and dependability such as props, locations, and excellent sets. Original soundtrack, audio quality, video quality, and camera work are production aspects that are presented professionally in the movie (Ebert).

            The movie portrays Luther as a man who fought with diverse issues. In this story, there are a few characters with some developed and others were not. Moreover, the dialogue is historically credible and compelling. The first section of the movie tackled the hefty amount of content well, but things changed in the second half (Ebert). The story hoping from one point to the other is a good effort that is worthy of the audience time. Every character in the movie is suitably cast thus making it professional. In essence, Even though the characters sometimes tend to be theatrical and dramatic, they know what they are doing. The emotions are exceptional, and line delivery is on point (Ebert).

            To sum up, more films regarding historical Christianity should be crafted in the mold of Martin Luther’s 2003 movie. There is little to complain concerning the content of the film.

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December 12, 2023


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