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A media portfolio is an avenue which can be used to stage the past experiences of an event. The avenue is used as a means of advertising the upcoming event; this approach uses a different communication medium to portray the information. The portfolio can make use of different media mix to ensure that the set strategic goals are met efficiently. The media plan developed for this case is for Australia cycling team based on 2018 World Track Cycling Championships, Netherlands.  The portfolio developed will cover the following, the media plan adopted for the team advertisement. A media

Media opportunities

Outlet 1

Outlet 2

Outlet 3

Outlet 4


Television airtime

Public service announcement

Community calendar announcement


Stations social media accounts


Editorial opportunity

Editorial journals


Online journals

Social media based


Radio airtime opportunity

Radio stations

Online radio

Social media accounts

Online stations


Newspaper opportunity


Social media accounts


Online newsletters



Media plan

The plan describes the strategic approach which will be used to reach all the interested parties in cycling game. The plan outlines the media mix and scheduling which will effectively and efficiently reach the target market. The plan also outlines the criteria upon which the resources will be allocated to aid in achieving the set objectives.


To ensure that different investors and sponsors are given an avenue to promote themselves through the media portfolio

To ensure that the Australian residents are made aware of the event to offer their local team the support they require.


The plan clearly outlines the objectives of the entire portfolio to and how the overall process will be undertaken. Another important aspect about the plan is the strategic identification of the media opportunities which will enable the team managed to reach the intended audience in a timely and effective manner. The plan identifies the use of Television media opportunity under this the message will reach a wide range of audience at the same time. Through the use of Television media opportunity, the team past activities and success will be able to be showcased to all the stakeholder allowing the, to make informed decisions. The airtime at the television will create the physical evidence on the part of the team. Through this, the stakeholders will know what to expect from the team at large. The radio airtime opportunity involved in the plan will enable the information about them to be accessible to a wider range of audience within the same time frame (Fengler et al 249). The newspaper and the editorial media opportunities will help preserve the information for some future date which may be expensive when only using the television and the radio as the only media opportunity for advertisement.

A fact sheet for the cyclic Australian team

The fact sheet developed for the cyclic team contains the following components regarding the team. It highlights the major areas where the cycling will take place, the composition of the team. The fact sheet also contains the benefits associated with the event. These are both economic benefits as well as economic benefits. These benefits include foreign income for the country through increased popularity of the tourist attractions. Social benefits associated with the event may include improved social interactions among the locals as they embrace the showcased talents from their fellow citizens. The fact sheet also gave information regarding the common questions about the cycling game as well as its benefits.

The fact sheet

Economic benefits

The cyclic games are a source of income not only to the participants but also to the government. The game also offers economic benefits to the supportive businesses such as those dealing with spare parts for the bikes as well as those providing food and accommodation to the interested teams.

Social benefits

The game brings together team members from different cultures and originality who create these teams. The game, therefore, creates an avenue for them to come together and socialize freely.

Statistical evidence about the nature and success of the game in the country

The cycling game is not heavily endorsed in the state despite a strategy put in place to ensure that their participation in the game increased the participation keeps on reducing.

Community involvement

The community involvement is encouraged for the adoption of the cycling culture in the country.


The fact sheet developed was necessary to showcase the actual status of the growth and acceptance rate of the game at the country. The fact sheet relays the actual information about how the game is beneficial not only to the participants but all the stakeholders. The fact sheet covers all the information relevant to all the stakeholders. The economic aspect of the game, for instance, covers different stakeholders who are set to benefit from the game. The fact sheet, therefore, will attract different stakeholder to support the growth and full adoption of the cycling idea to ensure that they reap the benefits of the same. The statistical evidence presented about the cycling culture will enable stakeholders such as the government to understand which objective strategies ought to be adopted and implemented to promote the game in the country. The fact sheet answers some common questions about the cycling game, therefore, leaving the audience more informed about the game (Hanretty, Chris 335). Through this, the manager will be able to receive both the financial and social support needed to ensure that the team is well developed and prepared for the future.

The media guide.

This guide presents information about the team participants, the history of the team, statistical records and the events the team is associated with. The media guide also provides information about how the stakeholders can become part and parcel of the team's event. Through providing the avenue on which the stakeholder's contribution towards the team success can be felt. The following guide was therefore developed.

Media guide of the Cyclic Australian team.

Contact information:  The section presents the contact information about the team, under this the contact information such as the email address of the team is presented and also the telephone number.

Schedule event- the events scheduled for the team, both for professional purposes and also charity work is shown with their specific dates. The venues information is also relaid. The expected changes are also highlighted to keep the fans and other stakeholders aware of the changes.

The team's leadership- under this the team leadership from top to bottom and most necessary the top management of the cyclic team.

Athlete biographies and any other related team information.

The information about the team past performance is meant to show the areas of improvement to be emphasized to ensure that the team succeeds in its future endeavors.

The guide also contains the governing body information as well as the main stakeholders who mainly are the sponsors. The sponsors brand and name as well as the logos are included in the media guide.


 Media guide is an important tool in relaying the information to the stakeholders. The guide contains useful information which guides the stakeholders in decision making (Lewis et al. 1). The contact information provides an avenue through which future sponsors can reach the governing body and offer the support necessary for the team's development. Through this communication, the audience can know how they can become part of the team either directly or indirectly. Through the team's email, for instance, the fans can follow their teams and receive updated information about their teams.  The information from the guide helps stakeholders such as the government to understand the strength and weaknesses of the team. Through this, therefore, the stakeholder can make informed decisions. The leadership of the team is identified through the media guide. The fans, however, will be in a place to criticize the leadership in case that teams underperform based on the past performance also highlighted on the guide. Performance change can be achieved by changing the leadership of these team. If the information is readily available therefore the changes can be done to achieve the performance standards expected from the team by the stakeholders.

Media release

The components of the press release which would be adopted by the Australian team are;

The team logo- this is meant to act as an identifier of the team. The team logo, therefore, should be placed in a point where it is readily seen by the intended users. The team's logo should be placed strategically at the top of the media release. This, therefore, will ensure that the intended press team will be able to access the information about the team with a lot of ease. The section ensures that the information is aligned with the policy and requirements of the selected media opportunity to be used for advertisement.

Contact information.

The section provides the contact information about the team as well as their sponsors. The information helps the media team to associate the team's success with other aspects of life especially the one undertaken by the sponsors. Through this, the team my benefit from the popularity of the brand of its sponsors and therefore end up getting more support.

Release time frame.

Under this, the team strategically design the timeframe upon which their press release will be released based on the objectives of the release. The team, therefore, may decide to release its press release strategically within a time where it will reach most of the audience. Under this the press release maybe did when the cyclic season is about to start, this will ensure that the information reaches the intended stakeholders effectively and efficiently. The

Headlines of the media release.

The media release has to be designed in such a manner that it provides the information needed in a straightforward manner and at the same time very detailed. The heading and the sub-headings of a media release, therefore, need to be strategically designed to ensure that they relay the intended information in the right manner (McLuhan and Marshal 147). The subheading ought to be designed in such a manner that they explain more about the preceding headings. The information about where the media release is being done should also be considered and given out within the media release.


Media release must be guided by facts about the teams previous or current achievements. The media release, therefore, must be true. Through this, the team avoids giving false information which might give them an added advantage currently but make them suffer consequences in the future.


The release targets the media opportunities strategically designed to ensure the success of advertisement of the team. Having a media release based on facts will not only attracts funding and sponsorship but will ensure the attracted sponsors remain to continue supporting the team. The detailed information relaid in the media release will ensure that the common questions about the team are answered (Joowon,119). The media release also presents an avenue for the team to advertise itself more to the target audience. Most of the media releases ate strategically done within a given medium, the use of the right medium enhances the information spread of the relaid information. Use of a sports journal, for instance, will enhance the effectiveness of the media tool.

Media advisory

The advisory entails invitation of the media to the team's event, through this the media will get first-hand information to use in the publishing. Under this, the journalist is allowed to make their own stories about the team based on their observations. The media advisory is a summary and always shorter in length and duration than a media release.


 The use of advisory mefia allows the journalist to create their own stories about the team. The journalists want their stories to sell and therefore they may invest much time and effort in developing the story about the team. Through this the information give out to the public about the team is more detailed and informative allowing the stakeholders to make the right decisions.

Work cited


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October 24, 2023


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