Music as an art of ordering sounds

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Simply put, music is the skill of arranging sounds or tones in sequence, combination, and temporal connection to create a composition with unity and flow. Music is sometimes defined as vocal or mechanical sounds that incorporate melody, rhythm, or harmony. Music producers, writers, and vocalists create a wide range of music, and the quality differs since each listener has a varied musical taste. Good music is defined by its message, melody, and rhythm.

A common form of music, according to Kenneth, has vocal, rhythm, and message (Kenneth 56).Therefore, artists strive to win the interest through composing a certain message in the music to make sure the song achieves the key purpose of art. Artwork acts as the mirror of the society thus including an important message in music has great significance to the artist and the entire society. Based on the advocacy made by Kenneth, I can argue that good music is supposed to have an important message to the targeted audience.

Melody is an important element of good music (Michael 22). Series of notes or pitches that are ordered to form pattern or shape in music are the key factors that make music more attractive. Typically, musicians sing the main melody, while other performers in the band play an accompaniment that helps in complementing the singer. The melody of music can help the audience feel the emotions expressed by the singer; hence melody plays an important role in making the audience absorb the message of music easily. Therefore, the melody is another element that determines the goodness of a particular music.

Rhythm describes how time is applied to music. The notes of every melody have rhythm because they have different lengths. For rhythm to be meaningful, the band is required to combine and make a great connection between the instruments and the vocal as a way of creating the rhythm of the song. The goodness of music is therefore made of properly developed rhythm because according to Michael’s advocacy and my experience, great rhythm makes great music.

Today, there are various types of music produced worldwide that are played or performed during different functions or celebrations. Audience cultures vary thus the goodness of music cannot be determined or classified easily due to the diversity of cultures. Another factor that has contributed to the complexity of understanding the greatness of music is the attitude, value and the love that audience have towards the artists or the musicians (Kenneth 15). However, despite personal or majority preference vocal, melody, message and rhythm are still the key factors that determine the goodness of the music.

In conclusion, message, melody and rhythm are the primary elements that define the greatness of music. Writers, producer and singers are required to focus on achieving the key elements of typical music before including other elements such as graphics. Upcoming players in the music industry should always consider the music theories such as fundamental mental notions of music theory as a way of keeping relevant music notion, rules and ear training. Music culture is changing rapidly due to rapid advancement brought by the technology in the music industry thus I advise musicians to consider making thorough research in the music industry as a way of composing and producing significant music.

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April 13, 2023

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