Music is an art

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Music: A Form of Art

Music is a form of art that uses vocals or musical instruments to create a pleasing sound. Humans are able to experience greater harmony and enjoyment when listening to the sound created. Since it has an impact on people in various spheres of their culture, music has thus been a vital component of human life for ages. Many years ago, the Greek word Mousike was used to create the English word "music." Greek speakers use the term "mousike" to describe a synthesis of diverse arts that inspires them. Notably, the components of music are people who use the instruments to create sound and the instruments themselves (Beranek and Leo 1-18). The third party in the music industry is listeners. An individual who makes or creates music is referred to like the musician. However, not all sounds can be categorized as music. In music, there must be the ability of the player to combine various elements to please human beings who are listening. The listeners can, therefore, be able to distinguish a sound that is music and noise. Nevertheless, a sound that is pleasing (music) to a particular person can also be noise to another person. Thus, a musician must understand the environment in which he or she is playing music to be able to convey the message. Many theories have been put forward to explain the source of origin of music with some historians arguing that even before man time started recording time, there were musicians.

Benefits of Music

Music is a source of entertainment that has many advantages to humankind. First, music has enhanced the creativity of human beings by improving their thinking capability through innovation and creativity. Musicians and listeners are filled with the great invention and imaginations of the things that surround us and those that affect other people worldwide. In so doing, our capability to understand things increases through listening to the music (Campbell and Patricia 20). For instance, when listening to music people try to understand the tune and lyrics used by the musician. Also, through the lyrics, we get to know why the player decided to use that type verse to convey a particular message to the listeners. Additionally, when we chose the tone and tune that will agree with the kind of message we want to convey to the listeners. Such levels of creates are critical in our bid to improve the creativity of human beings. The creative mind of the singers can also be used to make other important discoveries.

Learning Made Easy

Secondly, through music, we can make learning easy to understand. The enjoyment the mind receives when listening to music enables human beings to understand the message conveyed quickly. When the mind enjoys listening and recording something, then it retains it efficiently for a long time (Beranek and Leo 1-18). Teachers and early childhood experts have realized the importance of music and incorporated it into the teaching programs. Thus, teachers make poems to children and recite them as a way of making education more attractive.

Music: A Source of Income

Thirdly, music is used as a source of income. The music industry is very diverse and has employed thousands of people from all parts of the world. Pops, gospel, reggae, poems, and traditional songs are music genres used as a source of income for many people.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the art of music has differentiated human beings from other species. People are more creative than other species due to their creativity as portrayed in music. Moreover, unlike other animals, we can make a living from the music industry.

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April 13, 2023

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