My Contraceptive Choice

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I could envision using Intra Uterine Device (IUD) as a contraceptive method in future. IUD is a small flexible T shaped plastic inserted into the uterine. Their main classifications are hormonal IUD and copper IUD, further classified into Liletta, Mirena, Kyleena, and Skyla. I prefer using the hormonal IUD whose mechanism of action involves producing progesterone hormone which leads to an increase in thick mucus on cervical lining thereby trapping sperms and preventing their movement. Another action mechanism includes preventing ovulation.

Q2. Methods of Contraception Unlikely to Use

I would not use tubal litigation which involves tying fallopian tubes to prevent ova from passing. This practice is against my belief, hence the decision not to use it. For the method that concerns me, IUD, the only factor making it uncomfortable is muscle fatigue/ weakness and back pain.

Chapter 9: Conception, Pregnancy, and Birth

Q3. Creating a Family

I already have a family consisting of 8 members who include me, my husband and six children.

Q4. Children and Family

a. I already have 6 children.

b. I have already been married and I am a parent.

c. I would use different treatments such as hormone therapy which include gonadotropins.

d. I would adopt children using the defined legal process.

e. It would be difficult to get involved with a partner who has children.

f. I am already a parent and I do not consider becoming a single parent.

Q5. Abortion

I consider not undertaking an abortion at any moment. I do understand that abortion amounts to a loss of life of the mother, the baby or both. As per my beliefs, it is immoral and a sin to kill, which can occur in several forms including abortion. Therefore, the practice is unethical and illegal as per my individual perceptions. However, for other people, they should consider having an abortion as per their conscience, recommended by doctors or if it aims at saving the life of the mother.  Using this practice should, however, be based on a sober decision and not from external pressure.

October 13, 2023


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