My Dream to Become a Radiologic Technician

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Life is full of challenges

However, our response to the difficulties makes life worth living. Born in Poland in 1965, I had a family made up of a husband and one son by the name Jake. My husband was the sole breadwinner and pillar of the family. When my son was twenty-two years old, I went through the worst emotional experience in my life, my husband died. The news devastated me and threw my life into confusion. Grief affected my son in a more significant manner making him an alcoholic. I realized I needed to take control of my life and that of my son before I lost him. During the time, I decided to leave Poland, settle in the United States, and begin my life from the scratch to isolate myself from the surroundings that reminded me of my emotional suffering.

In a foreign country

with rules, cultures, and systems of education unusual for us, we had to find out our way without any assistance. Using my life savings, I ventured into the world of business by buying a grocery store. Jake became my assistant in the shop before joining Foothill College through financial aid from well-wishers. Then Jake graduated from the college and traveled to Tokyo to further his studies at the Temple University. After achieving his bachelor’s degree, my son started his dream job, and that made me a very proud mother. Due to his absence, my life became lonely, and depression started attacking me. Indeed, I was always thinking about my late husband and wishing he were around to chase away the boredom. Therefore, I decided to seek psychiatric help in a group therapy where we shared problems and advised one another concerning the issues.

The group brought me to the realization that dreams make life worth living

Waking up every day with a clear goal makes living easier since all the choices and decisions aim at fulfilling the crucial plans. Therefore, I decided to look for a secure job that will better my life and that of the people around me. In my previous marriage, I depended on my husband for all my financial needs. I wanted to change that part of my biography and invest in my education and economic freedom. In the spring semester, I went back to school and studied Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, and other general education. My perception was that the necessary training would create a stable foundation for a career in Radiologic Technologist. More so, I studied English to improve my communication and interaction with other scholars in the institution.

Despite the challenges, mental stress, and fighting depression

I was able to score a GPA of 4.0. The scores motivated me to take a class of Anatomy and Physiology during the summer. My current group is very interactive; I have friendly classmates and helpful teachers. Today, I am confident enough to give a speech on my studying and reflect on how I spend most of my time learning new information. I believe I have the mental capacity to undertake a Radiology program and achieve my dreams. However, my biggest challenge now is financial difficulties. I am in dire need of monetary aid to go back to school and achieve my goals. I believe that people who walk in groups go the longest distance. Therefore, I would like to request for your help in raising the money and living my dreams. In the future, I hope to assists people like me and make the world a better place.

August 21, 2023




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