My Experience at Seiji Ozawa's New Year's Concert

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Seiji Ozawa leads this classical concert from the year 2002, set up by the Vienna Philharmonic at the Musikverein. Per that troupe's enduring convention, the show remembers the New Year with a progression of pieces by the famous Johann Strauss family and their melodic counterparts, on the double enthusiastic but nostalgic. Vladimir Malakhov executes as a soloist. In this essay, I will try to explain my personal experience of watching this extraordinary concert and describe the way several factors of this concert such as audience, concert culture, sounds and performances influenced my mood and made my evening memorable. 


I didn't start watching “New Year's Concert 2002 Seiji Ozawa” hoping to be mesmerized and impressed; nevertheless, I ended up appreciating much of it. The music was exceptionally diverse. The complete performance of Seiji Ozawa (the conductor) has forced me to say that he is a delight to watch and it won’t be wrong to say, he radiates music through his pores. The music had numerous ages and a better than average scope of instruments. The stage anticipated a full stable, only articulating the choral. They didn't mix and in addition, they could have by the ensemble. The symphony completed a fine occupation with their elements. The theme sounded exceptionally smooth. A great part of the music appeared to be exceptionally energetic and exciting.A large number of the pieces stayed fascinating through their elements and specific utilization of the theme. I enjoyed some of the Japanese ways of extreme beauties a lot combined with European Music and orchestra. I noticed Ozawa's music has its own ways of world top class expressions. The audience culture at the concert was Japanese and European and most of them were aged from 40 to 55, approximately. The audience applauded at the end of the music piece. The performance includes various actions. People did not break the continuity of music by applauding. They were mature and thoughtful enough to realize about the sequence of the work. Zivio! – Marsch – Johann Strauss (style: romantic, year: 2002), Carnivals-Botschafter, Walzer – Johann Strauss (style: romantic, year: 1862), Die Schwätzerin – Polka Mazur – Josef Strauss (Final grazioso) (style: romantic, year: 1970), Künstlerleben, Walzer – Johann Strauss (style: romantic, year: 1867), Beliebte Annen-Polka – Johann Strauss, Vater (Final grazioso) (style: romantic, year: 1942), Vorwärts, Polka Schnell – Josef Strauss (style: romantic, year: 1863), Die Fledermaus – Johann Strauss (style: youthful, year: 1874), Arm in Arm, Polka Mazur – Josef Strauss (style: romantic, year: 1869), Tik-Tak, Polka Schnell – Johann Strauss (muy been final) (style: romantic, year: 2002)  were performed and I would characterize the sound of the ensemble as Ozawa's speciality. This concert was quite different than the concerts I have experienced before; the main difference was the concert culture. I had never experienced such a mature audience and the smoothness of such instruments as the shows which I attended before were rock. Despite the fact that when I was tuning in to one piece, it didn't appear as intriguing on the grounds that a similar rhythm was being utilized every four measures.The rhythm mostly showed much feeling and brightness. Besides rhythm, another important aspect of this concert was the element of harmony. The music effectively radiated the combination of harmony and rhythm. It had the kind of clarity and sentence structure that can shape classical music. They didn't have numerous cellist or stringed basses. The horn they had was inconceivably smooth and strong with its sound. It must be my most loved instrument in a symphony; it nearly assumes the job of both the strings and the horns with its metal-like surface and delicate projection. Their general execution was pleasant and adroit.


I enjoyed the concert as I was excited to hear this customary accomplishment, in which Seiji Ozawa displays an amazing harmony between a solid serving of Viennese Schlag and an out and out welcome cadenced control. Another important factor which makes this show enjoyable is three of the most charming pieces are making their New Year's Concerts big appearance: Zivio and Elisen, both by Strauss Jr. and best of all the magnificently vigorous Danse Diabolique by Joseph Hellmesberger II. Each of the three add shimmer to the standard toll, including a cheerful Fledermaus Overture, lilting versions of the Artist's Life, Blue Danube Waltzes, and Vienna Blood, and obviously the finishing up Radetzky March. Anybody negative about Ozawa's accreditations in Strauss et al will discover in this show an appreciated restorative: he makes magnificent music with what is presently successfully his ensemble. It was a brilliant, excellent, perfect and completely engaging concert.

October 05, 2023


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