My Favorite Reality TV Shows

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The various TV genres that I like include political drama, news, movies, interviews, teen drama, television documentaries, animated series, reality television, and food reality television. My favorite genre is food reality television including Fixing Dinner, Top Chef, Jamie’s Kitchen and above all Hell’s Kitchen. Hell’s kitchen is my favorite TV shows because of the new recipes and the sous chefs, the celebrity guests and the drama, the new challenges and the competition and the punishments and suspense.

First, Hell’s Kitchen has so much information regarding new recipes, and those are things that make me tune in every episode. Their recipes teach me the artistic combination of flavors as well as textures. I have learned a lot of recipes which I have applied during my cooking sessions at home from Hell’s Kitchen. My cooking skills on dishes such as chicken breasts, scallops, grilled pork chops, skin salmon, poached eggs, spaghetti, beef stew have improved. The taste is also great, and I owe it all to the recipes I learn from Hell’s Kitchen television show. The sous chefs like Andi van Willigan and James Avery are also awesome although I do not get to be seen much often as I would like to.

Moreover, the celebrity guests invited to Hell’s kitchen for dinner every season are intriguing. Such celebrity guests include the actors for Workaholics such as Blake Anderson and Adam Devine, David Beckham, Daddy Yankee and many other guests during every season. There is also so much drama in Hell’s kitchen which makes the show more interesting. People are always yelling at each other, cursing, slamming and breaking dishes. Other people cause accidents requiring a medic or an ambulance. The drama in the show is very captivating, and it makes me not want to miss any of the show’s episodes. It is hard to think that kitchens would have so much drama and this show brings the reality and the tension in kitchens.

Finally, the new challenges in the show whereby the contestants compete on who makes the best food make Hell’s Kitchen a very captivating reality show. Challenges in the show include bringing out the Cheese Wheel, smashing of plates from the contestants and even herding animals. Such challenges make the cooking show more of a game show. The challenges are complicated, and sometimes the contestants need to wake up during odd hours to execute those challenges. If the contestants fail to win the challenges, they are punished. The punishments include digging up trash, drinking previous challenge’s blended steak and other severe punishments assigned by Gordon. Hell’s kitchen also brings a lot of suspense especially before the announcement of a winner.

All the reasons above make Hell’s Kitchen one reality show that I never want to miss. It is my favorite of all shows especially since I love cooking so much. The contestants in the show are involved with something I can relate. The show is delightful to watch as it keeps the viewer interested in their new challenges. The show has a lot of creativity and drama. It feels good to watch the celebrity guests in the show and how they react to eating the food. The recipes are artistic, and the punishments and suspense are something that I hate missing as they make me look forward to many more episodes of Hell’s Kitchen.

September 25, 2023


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