My First Day At School

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“Mike what is wrong with you?” my mother was shouting from the kitchen. I was chocking because I had taken a big sausage that could not pass between my esophagi. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Instead of helping me, my twine sister Jane and big brother Jerry were laughing at me. “You eat a lot,” that is Jane mocking me, “he should rot in hell”, that is Jerry replying.  Furiously my mother scrolls Jerry, “instead of helping Mike you are laughing at him yet you are his brother, even you Jane.”

I was about to die of sausage in my throat yet my family was laughing at me. You can imagine the kind of siblings I have. All these were happening when I and my siblings were having breakfast before we depart to our various schools. This was 12th February 2007 when I was in grade six. The day started on a bad note for me on this day. I could have died during the breakfast but my mother came to my rescue. As always, my mom is my hero.

Surprisingly, I did chock myself on purpose, I know you are shocked. I wanted to skip school because I had not finished the homework given to us by our mathematics teacher. However, after first aid, my dad forced me out of the house so that he could take me to school. My dad was a softball coach in my school then. He is really a harsh and an aggressive person. My mom as always so pitiful pleaded with dad to let me stay a home that day but daddy stood his ground. “Mark let the boy rest today, you have seen what has happened.” “No Mary I know Mike, he does not want to go to school, but he will, I will force him.” That was the end of my trick. In this house I only loved mom because she was the only one always on my side.

Arriving at school, the first lesson was mathematics and to my disadvantage, the teacher Mr. Paul asked for the assignments before the lesson started. “I know all of you have done my homework, please collect them so that we can continue with today’s lesson”. The teacher called me, “Mike please bring your work now”. Mike! Mike! Mike! “Yes teacher”. He commanded furiously, “bring your assignment now”. “Sir I have not finished the assignment.” I replied. “Why?” he asked. “There was blackout at our residential area.” “Mike please call your dad now and wait for me at the principal’s office.” Mr. Pau told me and chased me out of the class. As I was going out my classmates laughed at me. I was so embarrassed but that was a small issue the biggest thing was to face my aggressive and harsh dad.  

I went as told by the teacher and called my dad. I found him at his office in the Games Department block. “What Mike?” “Why are you not in class”, “what are doing here, are not supposed to be learning with others?” Those where my dad’s questions towards me when I approached him. Before I even told him what took me there, he took the phone and called my class teacher Mrs. Martha and ask to know why I was not in class.

My dad was so impatient and could not even wait and hear what I was going to say. My class teacher told him that he was needed at the at the principal’s office to talk about me. When dad realized that I did not do my homework yet he is spending a lot of money for my school fees, he called me and caned me in front of the principal. After the caning me, he promised that I will not play with my computers for the next four mouths.

Mr. Paul also gave me huge amount of assignments to complete and submit within the next three days. Bad day did not end there, after all that drama, another one still followed in the afternoon during physical education lesson. I was just having my physical exercise in the school gym when I saw my dad again. “Mike less go and practice softball, I want you to be a softball player from this day.” “But dad, I do not like the game please just let me be.” “No mike, I have decided.” I had no choice but to comply. But to tell you the truth, I never liked the game. As we were going to the field, I was full of fear. Softball was not my game at all. When playing with my brother, I always got hit by the ball, even if I try harder, the ball always finds me.  

My dad took me to the field and placed me in the midst of one team. The one hour of training was like a whole year to me. I felt that my dad was still punishing me for not doing the homework. He knew very well that, I did not love the game but, still, he took me to play. At the pitch I was so embarrasses because every time the ball was hitting me. I could not even score a single goal. The game was so stressful. Looking at my tough faced dad, he felt pity for me but could not express.

Eventually, my dad called me and talked to me in a soft voice until I was shocked. “Michal you can do better in the game, you have the spirit, just keep up son.” I am proud of you son.” Those words encouraged me and that day is when I decided to be a professional softball player. The day was just 24 hours however, it was the longest. I passed through a lot that day. However, I realized my talent on that same day.  


February 2007 is the longest day I have ever lived till today. The events that unfolded that day can never get out of my mind. At the start of the day I almost killed myself, my dad punished me for not completing my mathematics assignment and then took me to the most boring game. As a kid I used to think that my dad was a selfish person because he always decided for me. He was the one who decided that I can play softball and also decided that I go to school though I did not want. But, today, my dad is my greatest inspiration, I am an expert in softball player because of my father’s efforts.  Today I am the best softball player in my team.  Thanks to my dad.

August 21, 2023

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