My Musical Journey

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Music and Its Healing Power

Music has always been an internal healer whenever I listen to it, especially the soothing type of music such as classical, rock, and jazz. I am the type of person who would choose to stay at home listening and dancing to music over going out on tour. It is always my way of relieving stress. In other words, music is just the medicine to my troubles. I can confidently trace my musical journey from a young age to date. I trace it back to my young age mostly because both my late parents and grandparents also loved music. My late grandfather taught me how to play piano and guitar. To exercise my skills, I joined the instruments ministry in our church where I would play the instruments alongside other specialists. The passion for music grew further in me until I choose to take music as my applied science subject in high school. I have developed the passion and I am now an authority when it comes to playing piano and guitar. Currently, I teach young kids how to play piano and guitar as a part-time job.

Influences and Musical Preferences

My grandparents used to listen to the old classic songs which I enjoyed and only shifted to other types of joining high school where I learned more types. Most of the songs they listened to were gospel songs especially those by Don Moen, e.g. ‘Above All,’ ‘I Lift You Up’ ( My grandfather loved to listen to Michael Jackson as well as Kenny Rogers songs. My grandmother, on the other hand, loved to listen to Celine Deon songs, and top of her list was Titanic Theme. At least for my parents, they would listen to songs that I was familiar with especially those by Westlife including ‘Queen of My Heart,’ My Love, etc. My father was specifically a fan of Luther Vandross songs such as ‘Dance with My Father.’ My mother loved love songs. In most occasions, our supper was prepared as she sang to Shania Twain songs, e.g. ‘You Are Still the One’ as well as ‘From This Moment.’ Mariah Carey song ‘We Belong Together’ is the song that did the laundry.

Positive Influences and Musical Autobiography

My parents and grandparents influence my musical autobiography positively. My grandfather's aid on how to play piano and guitar is the reason why I am still teaching young kids how to play these instruments. The soothing music also helped me manage anger as early as possible and not fight young teenagers here and there. I continued to listen to these songs until my late teenage years. This was greatly influenced by peer influence from my elder brother and cousins as well as my classmates. After my teenage years, my love for the Westlife group was replaced by the One Direction group. I came to know reggae, hip-hop, rap, and R&B songs such as ‘No Air’ by Chris Brown, ‘Coconut Tree’ by Mohombi, ‘Grenade’ by Bruno Mars, ‘Heart Attack’ by Trey Songs, Temperature by Sean Paul, etc. I will always remember how we danced to the ‘Temperature’ song in my new car during my 16th birthday.

Evolution of Musical Taste

More to that, my musical taste has continued to change as my age and circumstances continue to change. I had changed from what my parents and grandparents used to listen to, to what I listened to when I was in high school. During my high school years, my music taste changed drastically. I could listen to songs that I could not listen to nor dance to in the presence of my parents. I became a fun of Nigeria (commonly known as Naija songs) such as Davido, P Square, and Wizkid as well as Jamaica songs such as those of Konshens; songs that you can break your leg or back while dancing to. Internationally, artists like Wiz Khalifa and Drake became my favorite artists. Fantasy songs that make you imagine how life is all about partying with no worries of paying rent, fees, or failing in your grades.

Secular Artists Making an Impact

Usually, people expect gospel music songs to be sung by gospel artists. But, two specific secular artists have made me proud. One is Sarkodie Castro from Nigeria in a song called Adonai. The second one is a group by the name Sauti Sol from Kenya who sang to thank God for bringing them this far. These artists, however sinful they may be assumed to be a born-again Christian, have not forgotten that it is only God who has enabled them to achieve their musical goals. The way they sing these two gospel songs using their style is a helpful way to help those who may have forgotten God, that He still exists. Sarkodie Castro shoots the Adonai song in a church, that is why I always play the song on a Saturday so that I remember to go to church on Sunday.

Rediscovering Old Tastes

As I conclude, I must confess that since I joined college, I am slowly drifting back to my old taste of both my parents and grandparents. I have a lot on my plate that only Kenny Rogers and Luther Vandross can help soothe me during the weekdays. I loved how my parents seemed to be at peace when they listened to them. But, on weekends I love to listen to Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber, Drake, Nick Minaj, and Rihanna songs as they assure me all is well and that ‘life is too short to stress yourself.’ Just like my elder brother and cousins would tell me when I was in high school. However, I know a time is coming when I will only listen to what both my parents and grandparents introduced me to. A time when I will be required to pay school fees and provide food and clothes for my family. I am sure at such a time Kenny Roger’s song ‘Something Inside So Strong’ will be of more meaning to my family and I, compared to Wiz Khalifa’s song ‘We Dem Boys.’

A Hopeful Future

Finally, I pray to God that He gives me a chance to sing and dance with my grandchildren a song ‘Tsa Mandebele’ (kids remix) by Oskido ft Candy. This is a beautiful song composed by Nigeria kids who look so happy. In conclusion, my musical taste reflects who I am because it is what society and circumstances have groomed me to be. I sing and dance to the love, gospel, inspiring, and party songs whenever a certain circumstance comes along. For example, where am required to inspire-like the kids I teach piano and guitar-I will use an inspiration song because that is who I am, I love to inspire.


October 05, 2023

Life Music

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