My Passion for Cooking

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Food: A Cultural and Personal Connection

Food is considered to be an integral factor in the survival of human beings and animals. If anything, it is in matters regarding food that both formal and informal settings are set. I am Chinese and it is not hard to notice how much the Chinese culture values its food. Admittedly, this aspect led me to be passionate about cooking.

Cooking: A Therapeutic Experience

Cooking for me is therapeutic, having learned the art of cooking from a young age, it has become my medicine of some sort. I enjoy it most when I see other people enjoy my food. My family, friends, and colleagues get excited when they see me in the kitchen and that more joy than I can explain. Being from Italian origin, cooking allows me to connect with my culture since I wasn’t in touch with it in my upbringing.

A Culinary Journey from Childhood

Growing up, I spent most of my time in the kitchen. I was my mum’s sous chef and by the age of eight, I was making a new year’s dinner for the whole family. At the age of twelve, I was being called the family chef. Growing up in my family, food was and still is a big part of our culture. Dinner time is family time and having the chance to experience how food can bring people closer made me more passionate about cooking and culinary arts. Food is all about sharing an experience with other people and being a chef will help me be part of many experiences like those. If I become me, chef, I hope to share my own experiences with my client because every time I cook I pour my heart and soul in a dish and that would be the most gratifying experience ever. Munoz et al. point out that one should love food not for the mere fact that it allows us to access nutrients but also because of the love of the process of making it and ensuring that it is enjoyed by all. Cooking is a form of art and just as a performer enjoys seeing his or her fans cheer him on, and share that experience with him, a chef gets the same feeling, and I would wish more than anything to experience that too.

A Passion for Cooking and Culinary Arts

Growing up, while other kids were binge-watching cartoon channels, I was watching the food network channel and while other kids were looking up to Superman, I was looking up to Chef Gordon Ramsay, so for me cooking is more than a career choice, it’s a calling and a passion of mine. I live my dream every time am in the kitchen and getting a chance to improve my skills and learn new techniques would mean the world to me. After all, it is said that a cook is recognized for his/her efforts if they are willing to improve on their quality of food (Cordeiro et al.). I would finaly like to say that I hope and look forward to learn from the best if given the chance to do so. I hope to hear from you soon.

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August 21, 2023

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