My Predictive Abilities

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One of the unique things about me

One of the unique things about me concerns the capacity to foretell the future of individuals I interact with under various occasions. In the course of predicting a person's fate, I do not source for information from other sources and many people have been seeking my interventions in helping them know their future. As a way of determining other's fate, I need at least two hours to be with them and it is prudent that they show their normal behaviors to help in enhancing the accuracy of my predictions. I discovered my unique ability at the age of eight years old when I managed to predict that my friend was going to get a sponsor who would help him clear his school fees arrears and offer him a scholarship to one of the most prestigious colleges in our state.

Conditions for predicting one's future

Since the time I discovered my ability, I have learned much about the conditions under which I can predict a person's future. In particular, the perceptions that I exhibit towards another person influences my capacity to accurately tell their fate. Also, time of the day plays a critical role in determining the accuracy of my ability to determine one's future. For instance, I tell people's fate more accurately in the morning compared to afternoon. Finally, when predicting one's future, I require a favorable environment which is devoid of any distractions. Through my unique ability, I will be helpful to my colleagues at Virginia Commonwealth's University if I get admission for Guaranteed Medical Program for high school students.

August 14, 2023

Life Science

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