Needs and Expectations Dynamism in Employee

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The Importance of Adapting to a Dynamic Workforce

The majority of businesses are still using antiquated methods to deal with aging, job promotion, and salary increases, effectively suspending the reality of a dynamic workforce. They continue to think, in defiance of changing expectations and employee demands, that employees should be promoted and their earnings reviewed upwards as they age, and then retire.

Challenges for Different Generational Divides

Beginning with the youth who have recently graduated from colleges and universities, they are aggressive in all kinds. They are looking for work, want to start families, and want to move away from their parents' homes (Groysberg & Abrahams, 2014). The middle-aged workers, in addition, are in a state of inequilibrium striving to strike a middle ground between keeping their income and retaining all the behaviors and lifestyles they acquired during their younger age. Moreover, the older worker is much more confused. They are still in search of stability, company loyalty as they are nearing retirement and don’t want any conflict that might lead to their termination (Groysberg & Abrahams, 2014). These generation divides are in the search for that type of work that will benefit them as well as serve the company to their level best.

Changing Dynamics of the Family Structure

Family dynamism, on the other hand, is witnessing a tremendous shift from the earlier two-parent household as cohabitation, divorce and remarriage are dominating not only in the American family structure but spread the world over (White, 2011). Consequently, the dominant family form witnessed in the periods ending the World War II baby boom is currently extinct. There is also rise in the number of Stay-at-home dads which has more than tripled (Ludden, 2014). It is noted with dismay that the family setup has transformed from two parents in the first marriage, two parents in remarriage, cohabiting parents to single and no parent children.

Implications for Human Resource Management

The human resource managers should, therefore, integrate personal employee needs as different employee age divides carry with them varying needs. The situation calls for cautious scheduling flexibility to help them optimize their time management (Haden, 2012). Amidst all, there must be uniformity to bring all the employees on board and never to make them feel isolated.


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May 17, 2023

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