Pearl Harbor: An American Tragedy

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The website selected for review:

The website selected for review is available at https:\/\/\/. This is a website that provides detailed historical information about America. The reason for choosing this website is because of the article written about the Pearl Harbor available at https:\/\/\/topics\/world-war-ii\/pearl-harbor. This article provides the historical information on the reasons why the Americans declared war against the Japanese. The article provides an insightful analysis of the events that took event before the Congress declared the war. This website is, therefore, a rich source of the historical information that is relevant to the time period studied in the course. The course delved in American history in the period of the second world war. Therefore, the information provided by the website expands the knowledge of the reader concerning this period. Therefore, the source is selected for its insightful coverage of American history.<\/p>

The website's structure and navigation

The website is well structured that enables the reader to navigate and find different content with ease. At the top of the website, there are quick links that help the reader to find the content of interest. The site presents a link that enables the reader to access different topics. Under this link, one has access to many topics that offer detailed historical information. The information is regularly updated and therefore the details provided are consistent with the current historical information. The website has a search option. Here, a reader can search the topics of interest in a quick way. One only needs to input the keyword or a phrase and related information pops out for one to select the most appropriate articles. This provision on the site simplifies navigation and topic selection. One does not need to spend a lot of time searching for articles. With only one search, the website provides numerous articles related to the area of interest.<\/p>

Visual impressions and presentation

The website\u2019s visual impression enhances the content of each article provided. For instance, for the article on Pearl Harbor, there are videos that supplement the written content. There is a video of the army in the preparation accompanied by a voice-over of the president\u2019s speech to the Congress requesting for a declaration of war. This is one form of a visual impression that enhances the readers understanding. Secondly, there are many pictures that enhance the description of the events presented in the articles. These pictures are relevant to the content of each article and refine the readers\u2019 understanding. Reading the articles, watching the videos, and viewing the pictures creates a complete picture of the information presented by the articles. In addition to the videos and pictures, the website articles are well arranged in sections and sub-topics. In every article provided, there is a small table of content that provides the reader with quick details about the article. The audience can use the table of content to navigate through the contents of the article. One is able to move from one section of the article to another with ease. This visual presentation of the website enhances the understanding of the content and presents the readers with an easy and swift way of navigating through the website and content.<\/p>

Detailed and well-arranged content

The content provided on this website is detailed and well arranged in that a reader can easily follow the connection of the ideas. provides historical information about America among other topics. In the website, the content is arranged in topics according to the different subjects of the American history. The wide range of topics includes the great depression, world wars, American civil war, politics, and modern history. This website was chosen in this review because of the historical articles written on World War II. In the article about Pearl Harbor, the reader is provided with a detailed analysis of the events that took place on December 7, 1941. The article provides a summary of the Japanese attack on the United States navy base in Pearl Harbor. In order to enhance the details of the presented ideas, the pictures and the videos are used. The video of President Franklin D. Roosevelt as he addressed a joint session of the United States Congress highlights the loss experienced during the attack and the significance of the Japanese actions. As a result, the American Congress declared war against the Japanese. This article is detailed in such a way that it provides a vote count of this motion. The only member of the Congress who voted against the declaration of war was Representative Jeannette Rankin of Montana. In her statement, she indicated that as a woman, she could not go to war and therefore she was unwilling to send someone else. The content of the website is therefore detailed. It includes every important information about the topic covered. Accompanied by the videos and pictures, a reader is able to create a mental picture of the events and understand their significance. The content is provided with an accurate time frame. The articles present dates of events. This enables the reader to connect the ideas and draw meaning from the events. Therefore, this website is a good resource for historical information.<\/p>

Work Cited

Editors. “Pearl Harbor.” History.Com,            Accessed 8 Dec. 2018.

November 13, 2023

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