Philip Caputo is explained to have revealed various aspects of the Vietnam War

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Philip Caputo is said to have disclosed different facets of the Vietnam War when he was in his youth when he was in his early twenties. He grew up in a town in Illinois known as Westchester, which was known for its ice cream, apple pies, and hot dogs. Caputo wanted to prove himself as a leader, and despite the fact that his peers drew him back into the patriotic world, he justified his points as he formed them. He was known for being a man who led wars and was adamant about defeating their enemies.
What Were the Soldiers' Expectations Before the War? The soldiers expected that they would win the war since they had been prepared and drilled by their commander. It is explained that when they first arrived in Vietnam, Danang, Caputa together with his men stepped into the place with confidence like any other prepared military group. They strictly stared at the various maps that had been printed and also carried out a patrol on the military base borders. They also engaged in digging holes in case they were attacked as this would prevent them from being harmed especially when they were not alert. They also piled some sand bags in case their enemies set fire on them. It was evident that they were prepared for the attack and had high hopes in defeating their enemies. Despite the fact that they had gone prepared for war, it is explained that they spent most of the time fighting mosquitoes that had invaded the place during the time of war.
How Did the Soldiers’ Experiences in Vietnam Change Their Perspectives (Through The Eyes of Caputo)?
Caputo’s resentment that was experienced after the group had settled led to adverse impacts being experienced by the other team that had been left behind. Despite the fact that they had been prepared for fighting, it was evident that most of them were killed and this continued as the war lasted being tough on their side. Their experiences in Vietnam led to increased changes in their perception, especially based on the fact that they were not ready to be defeated. Caputo could realize that his group had lost hope and maybe they had decided to surrender as he found them to have been anxious, depressed and experiencing hallucinations. He decided to go back and support his team and make sure that the number of deaths that were being experienced had been reduced immensely.
Finally, Why Do You Think Some Soldiers Became Anti-War Activists When They Returned to the U.S.?
Some of the soldiers became anti-war activists when they returned to the U.S. based on the fact that they had seen their colleagues fight endlessly to what amounted to nothing. Despite the fact, that they had put all their energy and knowledge in trying to defend themselves they were still killed and most of them had their bodies returned home as corpses. The notion demoralized them as they had developed a winning spirit among them as they prepared to go to war. They also failed to understand why some of their members were killed under a ruling from Caputo, as it had earlier been claimed, which also created adverse impacts on their performance.

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