Police Brutality in Bob Marley

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Police brutality entails unjustified shootings, beating civilians severely, deadly chokings, and other forms of rough redress that are unnecessary that police engage in. presently, such actions are perceived to be a violation of human rights. The grounding of the first British contract in America was associated with a variety of challenges consisting of diseases, wars, and famine. The whites utilized the military to force the Native Americans to subdue when colonizing and settle in America. To strengthen their armies, they recruited African slaves as warriors in the opposed military campaigns against the native soldiers that resisted, in particular in the Midwest. This essay demonstrates that Bob Marley’s song” Buffalo Soldier’ reflects on the endorsement of police brutality in the efforts of pushing the Native Americans out of their lands to create large tracts of land for settler agriculture.

During the colonization of America, the Native Americans, especially the Indians, Hawaiians, and Alaska Natives were pushed away from their homes. The colonists encouraged complicity and marginalization of the native communities to achieve their goals. Eventually, the natives became the faces of mass shootings and other unwarranted treatments. The song buffalo soldier by Noel Williams and Bob Marley was released two years after the death of the singer to reflect on the ideal picture of African soldiers in the early America. The song covers the events of segregation in America where Buffalo soldiers, a regiment of all-black cavalry fighters were recruited during the campaign to get rid of Western Indians that opposed white settlers. The process sought to allow white people gain land belonging to the Native Americans for agriculture with a notion of bringing civilization to barbaric people.

Ideally, Bob Marley’s song seeks to create awareness that the Black man was employed in building a continent that was oppressing him. Ironically, most of the soldiers that were employed were slaves that had been captured from Africa. Such picture is portrayed in the second stanza where he states that the Buffalo soldiers were “stolen from Africa” The buffalo soldiers were used to capture thieves that stole horses and cattle. They also protected the wagon trains, stagecoaches, mails, and had to contend a challenging terrain, discrimination, and inadequate supplies. When fighting the natives, they inflicted, not only physical but also psychological pain on the natives and were affected by the same in their effort to please their masters. As a matter of fact, the police could be put in a position of blame for fighting wars that they could actually resist if they had an option.

After being brought as slaves, the Buffalo soldiers were tasked with fighting for their own lives. However, their capturers forced to fight for their lives, which was equivalent to fighting for their oppressors. In addition, while doing so, the police could themselves face problems such as distinctive treatment, in such as direct discrimination in public places and even be scolded while fighting. Some people argue that they were nicknamed buffalos because they had dark, curly and black hair that resembled a buffalo as stated in the first stanza’ deadlock Rasta’. Such discriminative actions depicted unfairness against the black soldiers which was a form of undignified treatment.

Driven from the Mainland

To the heart of Caribbean

Apparently, Bob Marley features the role of African American soldiers in the expansion of the white-controlled territories through their admirable fighting for survival. Ideally, the African soldiers were names buffalo soldiers because of their tenacity and strength which matched the Buffaloes.

‘Fighting on arrival’

‘Fighting for survival’

With the two lines, Bob argues that the Africans exhibited such tenacity because they were fighting to survive on the new continent. As a matter of fact, the notion of buffalo soldier was an identity of implementation of illegal actions. The whites were suppressing them by allowing them to fight war anon their behalf, which was an extension of the deeply rooted class system. Two were attracted to their tenacity in killing the Native American people.

As they were acquiring more tracts of land by force, the Native Americans were likelier to be killed than any other ethnic community in America. The members of the Native community were the primary victims of the exercise, hence they were likely to resist the process of acquiring land. The resistance was met with the brutality of the African forces that were fighting to please their masters, which was a prerequisite for survival in the Americas. As a matter of fact, the exercise was characterized by ethnic profiling. The natives became victims of hate and prejudice for resisting the white settlers. Police killings of the natives were not antagonized but celebrated.

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In conclusion, the context of Bon Marley’s ‘Buffalo Soldier’ is a demonstration of race wars at the birth of America that were genocidal and with horrifying details. The whites admired the ferocity of the wars against those that opposed them by praising the Buffalo Soldier army for fighting innocent native civilians with brutality. In the process, the whites demonstrated endorsement of oppression of those that resisted the push for the creation of large tracts of land for colonist agriculture

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