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With regard to the events; the American System, the Corrupt Bargain, and the Era of Good Feeling, a plethora of ramifications were presented in the American nation. These events are unusual and significant because they have influenced a number of policies and the evolution of the United States (Mead 16).

Considering the American System, America's independence stemmed from it. One of the primary goals of the "American System" was to raise taxes on imported goods while keeping domestic items affordable. Tindall et al., p. 22. The proponents of this system were Alexander Hamilton and Henry Clay who main idea was to boost domestic industries that eventually led to suppression of dominance of foreign products. In addition to that, the event fostered the introduction of national bank in the country that advocated for the use of single currency in the country. Peace and stability was also evident during this event. In this regard, Americans were so confident about the future of their growing economy that they were able to make vital investments decisions. Inevitably, with better economical nature, unity and cooperation part and parcel of the country (MacNeil, Neil, and Richard 19). On the other hand, there was rise of ” Manifest Destiny ”, belief that American expressed that they were able to expand their territorial boundaries for political supremacy and economical influence to their neighboring countries. However. This event were characterized by war that accrued between the US and Mexico due to territorial conflicts. Consequentially, this worsened foreign relations between the two countries.

During the Corrupt Bargain, numerous political impacts majorly occurred within the US state. For example, there was rampant political chaos within American soil that were caused by two political rivalries; Andrew Jackson and John Quincy Adams. Their political pride and selfishness sparked a lot of political tensions in the entire country. During this period, unity of the people was compromised, as political divisions mushroomed on the basis of religion, regions, and ethnicity. This event was associated with ugliest and nastiest political consequences that left the country in a horrible mess (Turner 29).

With the Era of Good Feeling, American experienced a number of political strives. At this time, results of ‘American System’ were felt by the American people. American nationalism was evident as they diverted their attention from Britain and focused more on improving their own country. It was also clear at this period that American unity was unstoppable and had widely surpassed the Britain unity. However, across the nation there was persistent tension that was felt among the people and slavery too was threatening to gain basis in some sections of the country. Furthermore, there was advancement in industrial sector. Specifically industrial revolution was the key development that saw immeasurable improvements in transportation sector (Turner 56)

As much as Jackson’s administration is concerned, ‘the Corrupt Bargain’ held various impacts. More importantly, during this period ‘the Corrupt Bargain’ political divisions had taken root in the country, this was promoted by the rivalry between the two candidates before elections (Mead 36). Therefore, after the elections, the consequences of rampant divisions that had ravaged the county during the election process were evident. There was eminent continued disunity in the country that needed Jackson to draw more attention to, and address the issue with relevant structure that could subdue the nation from the looming further disharmony (Mead 37).

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May 02, 2023


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