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The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

The national advisory committee for aeronautics is comprised of important people in aviation. Following the establishment and regulation of early commercial aviation, the National Aero-dynamical Commission was created. This aeronautics committee was established in 1915. President Woodrow Wilson, who first signed the bill into law, is one of the primary figures. Franklin D. Roosevelt supported the measure. At that time, he was the Assistant Secretary of the Navy. The national advisory committee for aeronautics was delegated the responsibility of providing oversight and ensuring adequate supervision of the scientific flight study. They were also supposed to resolve problems and make sure possible solutions are established in the field of aviation. They were also expected to promote and institutionalize aeronautical study. Within the period the First World War was witnessed, development of aviation in America was found to have deteriorated, and there were few of no experiments at all to help in the situation. The only visible things were engines which produced horsepower in plenty. A steam powered automobile was created within this time by Howard E. Coffin who was a representative of the industry. He could chair meetings and play other significant roles during the conference of the Committee. He was influential, and the committee grew from a small group to 100 people ("NASA - The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics: Tracing NASA's 95-year-old Roots", 2017).

Learning Outcome 2

Explain the general contextual elements influencing aviation policies and regulation, including technology, markets, group interests, and politics.


Technology is a contextual element influencing aviation. With the advancements in technology, the aviation industry has to move with the change. New technologies have been applied and have affected the industry in a positive way for example; the sabre airline solutions have been providing technology solutions to the aviation industry even at global level. Innovative reservations systems have come up which are easy and convenient to everyone.

The emerging markets have brought the issue of competition. The Middle East has capitalized on the maximum growth of their air operation services. Many markets also lack defined national and regional policies that could help in achieving set goals. Internal conflicts have been witnessed since the sector has grown and the markets intensified fighting for the same target customers.

The issue of the group of interest and politics go hand in hand in democratic decision making which has been of great concern. The group of interest and politics are very influential too. Most people would want to associate themselves with products used by such people. If a particular politician travels via a secure airway and reports excellent services, all other people would want the same. If possible, some people would like to book the same flight used by those prominent people. In a case of poor services, the airline loses most customers due to word of mouth from the interest group and politicians.


NASA - The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics: Tracing NASA's 95-year-old Roots.

(2017). Nasa.gov. Retrieved 10 July 2017, from


November 03, 2022

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