Precision Agriculture Systems

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One technology used is automated and remote sensors. They are used to monitor yields, measure the moisture and establish the quality of the soil. The second technology used is the Global Positioning System (GPS). The tractors and combines now have the capability of being self-driven and GPS helps to establish the location of the equipment in the farms. All these technologies are used to collect data which will guide the farmer on what decision to make to ensure they will have quality yields.

In what sense are U.S. farms now digital firms? Explain your answer.

Previously, farms no matter the size would employ people to manage the farm. All the tasks were done manually, and that included planting, harvesting, spraying and land preparation among others. United States farms have now become digital since most of the processes have been automated. Data has become essential to the farmers as it guides the decision-making process.

How is information technology changing the way farmers run their business?

The farming model has been changed by information technology. Management of the farms has now become easy for the farmer. With the help of technology, data can be collected and analyzed which will be used in the decision-making process. IT has also helped farmers to predict the future some aspects of farming which is helpful to the farmer as they will avoid investing in products that are not profitable (McDonald, 2015). Farmers are now able to determine farm produce and make profits be using some of this technologies in the process of farming. More changes are expected in future especially with fields such as robotics and sensor technology being improved (Nathanael, 2015).

How do the systems describe in this case improve farming operations?

Automated and remote sensors help to monitor some key elements of the products such as soil moisture and the quality of the soil. That will guide the farmer on the decision to make to ensure both quality and quantity produce will be achieved from the farm. The Global Positioning System placed in the farming equipment’s help to identify the areas which have not been attended. The self-driven equipment helps to deliver better jobs reducing the error that human beings can make when farming. It also does the work efficiently in a short period which helps to maximize the profits of the farmer.

How do precision agriculture systems support decision making? Identify three different decisions that can be supported.

Precision agriculture systems help to analyze data collected on the farm which will then be interpreted. The results from the analysis will help to guide the farmer on deciding some of the critical processes such as the seeds to use, the amount, which farm chemicals to use, what to plant, where to plant and the right equipment. The result will be an increase in agricultural products which will be beneficial to the farmer regarding profit and the society since there will be no scarcity of food.

The first decision was that there would be an increase in profits when a farmer chooses to use the Monsanto’s Service. The profit would range between $50,000 and $150,000 after most of the cost incurred have been deducted. Farmers indicate the technology will be beneficial to them in times when the conditions will not be favorable.

The second decision is the claim by the farmers that information collected on their farms will be misused. Companies managing the data from the farmers such as DuPont and Monsanto indicated that they could not sell the data of the farmers. Through the claims, some of the farmers have been reluctant to embrace the use of the technology.

The third decision is farmers wanting to have more control of the data they collect from their farms. That has given an excellent opportunity for smaller companies to enter the market and work towards creating software’s that will enable farmers to obtain, analyze data and hence make decisions on what to plant, where to plant and the right equipment’s to use.

How helpful is precision agriculture to individual farmers and the agricultural industry? Explain your answer.

To the farmer, precision agriculture helps to reduce the cost associated with farming. Once the systems have been install and are operational, the farmer can comfortably manage their farms using their phones and computers at any place. To the agricultural industry, based on the data that the farmer has sent to them, they will be able to analyze and recommend an appropriate method to be used. It is also helpful as through the data; organizations can establish crop pest and diseases and develop the solutions faster hence ensuring that the farmer will not be affected in any way. When the farmer and all the stakeholders in the agricultural sectors work together, it will help to raise the farm produce hence solve food scarcity which has been one of the challenges facing most countries in the world.  


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October 30, 2023

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