Process of workforce appraisal

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Workforce assessment is the method of documenting and evaluating a worker's efficiency. Organizations also conduct staff surveys and often aids in job growth. Workforce assessment consists of three major processes: analytical production, decision review, and staff growth. The most common method in organizations is decision evaluation. Many companies in America have used workforce assessment to give guidance to employees, advise them on pay, career status, and administrative settlements. Despite many of these advantages, staff assessment has several disadvantages, most notably compliance problems. In this case, the process is not conducted according to the law, or appropriately employees could challenge it. Furthermore, in America, the process cannot satisfy all employees’ needs due to cross-cultures. There are six steps involved in the process (Mayhew, 2017). These paper will explore the entire process of workforce appraisal and critically evaluate the various steps. Likewise, it will look at the current status of the process in America and its benefits and the start of the process the organization sets its expectations from employees and at the end the result is evaluated.

Keywords: workforce appraisal, actual performance

Workforce Appraisal Process

Workforce appraisal process involves reviewing and evaluating the job performance of the workers. An effective process defines the achievements and postulates individual and teamwork development plans. This is a process that involves the cooperation of both employees and management in setting organization expectations, reviewing outcomes of performance and awarding performance.

Various internal and external elements affect the entire process. The legal aspect requires the process to be nondiscriminatory and fair to all employees. There are unions that safeguard and champion for better working conditions therefore significantly influencing the way the process is undertaken. The human resource is responsible for commissioning the internal appraisal process in the organization. The method incorporates the following (Chand, n.d.):

• Forming performance standards

• Communications of the set standards and expectations

• Measuring the actual performance

• Comparing with standards

• Discussing outcomes-feedback

• Making of decisions-corrective action

Establishing performance standards

The initial process of workforce appraisal involves setting up of standards which management uses to compare with the actual performance of workers. This step involves measures that are incorporated to judge the performance of the workers about the set standards and see whether they deliver or fail. These standards are supposed to be clear, adjustable, easy to comprehend and measurable.

Communications of the set standards and expectations

A standard is designed, and the management is responsible for ensuring that the employees are well informed. The standards are clear and specific to each employee, and they are communicated directly to management. This is essential as it ensures that they are aware of their roles and what is required of them by organizations. The same information should be relayed to the departments involved in appraisal and evaluation. Likewise, at this stage, the standards can be revised according to the feedback from the employees and evaluators.

Measuring the actual performance

Measuring the actual performance is the most complicated part of the process since it involves measuring the amount of work done in a stipulated time. It also involves frequent evaluation on a continuous basis throughout the year. These process should be carefully analyzed and proper methods of measurements adopted. Furthermore, this process should be undertaken with utmost caution on personal bias and ensure it conforms to the law. This is to ensure there is no workers interruption and legal tussles.

Comparing with set standards

In this process, the actual performance is compared with the anticipated or the standard performance. This comparison is essential in figuring the deviation in performance by the workers from the standards that have been established. The outcome of this comparison can either be less actual performance than anticipated or more predictable performance than the actual performance.In the latter case, it indicates that there is a deviation from organization standards and urgent measures need to be undertaken. Such measures will enable the organization to adjust or change its course this can be discovered through recalling, evaluating and examination of workers data.

Discussing outcomes-feedback

The outcome of the result is discussed between the management and workers face to face. The main objective of this process is communication and listening to both parties. There is a discussion of the results, problems, and probable solutions. Therefore this process mainly entails a discussion on problem-solving and coming to the consensus on the way forward. The feedback by management to the workers should always be positive to develop their career and future performance. Similarly, positive feedback is very essential as it motivates workers and enhances their attitude. A survey conducted by Tjinsite indicated that an effective organization monitors its assignments and projects constantly (Mayo, n.d.).The survey conducted indicated that 46% of organizations carried out regular monitoring, reviews and feedbacks to enquire how workers were keeping up with the set standards and relevant adjustments are made.

Ways to present negative feedback to workers

Using the sandwich method: this involves giving feedback that is negative but is sandwiched between two positive feedbacks. This ensures that the positives reduce the impact created by the negative feedback.

Being objective in giving feedback. The employees should understand the negative feedback is not personal vendetta since this could strain their relationship.

Avoiding use of harsh words. Instead of openly criticizing employees when in the wrong, employees can be corrected using less harsh measures. Better feedback rather than what may be perceived threatening and derogatory can be achieved by the management hence making them feel safe.

Importance of feedback should be emphasized either positive or negative. This should be supported by the benefits of constructive feedback to assure the employees of its effectiveness. The feedback should be complemented with a friendly tone and that of a mentor rather than commanding and rude.

In some instances, it is important to give feedback to sensitive workers in private. Negative feedback could ruin the attitude of some employees, but if done in private it could reduce such outcomes. Therefore the management should always consider giving sensitive feedback in private rather than a room full of people.

Decision making

The essence of performance workforce appraisal is the management making decisions affecting employees without being bias. Decision making is also done in this set up by the HR in matters relating to rewards, promotions, demotions, transfers and other disciplinary measures which are dependent on how workers perform. These measures or rewards go hand in hand with the performance to impact positively in the organization.

Ways to counter ineffective appraisal

First and foremost it is important to deal with an appraisal from within keeping an honest mindset and being reflective. Once all the issues from within are addressed everything else falls into place.

Consultation with management. It is important for employees to talk to management about reviews to be sure they will keep their end of the bargain.

Seek mentorship and not take criticism from management personally. It is important to maintain a positive attitude for the sake of career development.

Planning ahead and regularly comparing performance reviews with that of organization ensures lesser reproaches from management.

Finally, it is important to move on gracefully. If an appraisal does not favor an employee, they should take up with management and if nothing is done move on respectfully to avoid future conflicts.

Ways to avoid being considered a poor performer

An employee may be considered to be a poor performer if they fail to meet the set standards in the workplace. To avoid this, an employee should:

Seeking the origin or reason for the poor performance and adjust appropriately.

Examine feedback critically and understand the inadequacies, take them positively as this will help in professional and personal development.

If the cause is a lack of a certain skill, the employee can take the initiative to learn and consult management’s guidance.

Employees should associate with high performers in the organization, especially during group tasks. This will ensure they learn from experience and acquire the best skills available.

Since the employee is considered a poor performer, they should adopt measures that will gradually make them develop over time. They will pursue smaller steps which are short-term and with the chance they will be consistent.


Workforce appraisal methods have been incorporated in many organizations in America to ensure they improve performance. The Human resource management is responsible for putting up measures that should ensure employees meet standards that have been considered to be the best and efficient for the organization. When an organization has a better workforce appraisal, there are higher chances of achievement.


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