Psalm 121:1-8

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Ascent word means a step, or an upward climb. `Songs of ascending' is the ancient title of a collection 15 psalm sacred songs, they begin at Psalm 120 and end at Psalm 134 (Lyons, 2012). The songs were for the men to sing as they travelled. According to (Deuteronomy 16: 16) Gods laws includes a rule that Jewish Men should go to Jerusalem each year (Lehman, 2015). There are three such occasions, called Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacle. Yes, they did have modern means of transport most of them walked, and as they walked, they sang these songs. However, the collection of 15 Psalm is considered to be essential to present day life (McCarthy, 2010). Indeed, Psalm 212 is described as ‘genuine and a specific Psalm of blessing’. It is not referring directly to journey to Zion, so much as general, providential help concerning safety and preservation (Foster, 1998).

            The three verses 1-2; 3-5; and 6-8. The first is Affirmative confidence, the second is a consolation, and the third is the blessing for the journey. God protect and helps many people even when they do not deserve it (Foster, 1998). But the special protection that Psalm 121 describe is not for every individual, but they belong to God servants who have to confess their sins and give there live entirely to God. They belong to him, and they trust him completely for their protection (Wright, 2005). To become Gods servants, you do not need to be a particular person, someone famous, or someone especially holy. But you must confess your sins, and you invite him in your life as your saviour and give him your life completely (McCarthy, 2010). You must obey, trust and him to direct and lead your life.

            Sometimes due to stupid actions, people put themselves in danger (Lehman, 2015). Then they ask God to serve them from that danger. God is kind, and sometimes he helps those people but they should recognize that they have done something wrong (Lyons, 2012). God does not want people to do foolish things (McCarthy, 2010). He wants people to learn to be wise. Indeed he who watches over the Israelites will never slumber or sleep and will not let your foot be moved (Psalm 121, 3-4).


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December 12, 2023


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