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Psychology's Role in Understanding Human Behavior

Psychology can be characterized as a technique for communicating one's actions to others. It has become an indispensable and widely used instrument in our daily lives. Psychology has aided us in understanding the many temperaments that people of all types exhibit while with us. People react differently to different situations. Each event generates a unique message that the mind interprets, resulting in a specific behavior in response to the signal supplied to the brain. As a result, psychology has assisted us in understanding the behavior of various people as well as explaining why people behave differently and what causes such behaviors (Weiner, B. 1972). Moreover, it suggests reasons as to why the behavior differs from others. On the same point, various psychotherapists have generated their reasons as to why they need to deal with human psychology. The paper shades light on what psychology does as well as psychotherapy in improving human life and the historical contributions of Dr. Carolyn Attneave to psychology and psychotherapy.

The Evolution of Psychology as a Science

To this day, psychology has given a broad range of factors perceived to be involved in determining what as human beings we do. The approach and the principles taken as explained by psychology leave with us a rational understanding concerning what many people and humans in general do. Therefore in its field, Psychology has been having many definitions defined in ways that suit a situation and interpretation of the psychologists. For instance, ancient days experienced individual behaviors both in grownups and in kids, and their analysis was based on aspects of philosophy. They, therefore, believed by what they observed that in a human being there exists a soul that is consistently responsible for all of the human activities such as mental disorder.

With this definition, psychology might have aroused an agreement on its subject matter that the study and examination of behaviors must be referred to the study of the soul .They took a shallow way to examine the idea of human behavior. As a result, their definition failed to adequately answer the questions in hand regarding the allegations of the existence of a soul in human and how it was accessible for study. This definition was disputed by Greek philosophers who came up with an explanation that psychology was a 'science of mind.' Due to the human spirit and continued study on psychology, the definition was found to be less satisfying the learned where Later, man a Wilhelm Wundt, a learned psychologist (Wundt, W. M. (1969). A man that took time and resource to established a first psychological laboratory with the intention of studying the human behavior and its origin. At the University of Leipzig that is found in Germany, Wundt defined psychology with a more intense meaning as the study of human consciousness. Unfortunately, the study and finding were equally rejected due to subjectivity and unscientific support of the methodology of studying the idea.

A gradual change has been taking place, and as a result of this development, people have made an outlook of scientific and to think along the line of scientific approach. The study has defined psychology as a science of human behavior (JB Watson 1913). His definition of psychology as being a science of behavior has covered both humanity and animal.

Dr. Carolyn Attneave: Contributions to Psychology and Psychotherapy

Today, Attneave features in the most acceptable definition. She has worked well in counseling and psychotherapy, work that has made her and her achievements one greatest of many scholars in her field of psychology. She has been renowned based on certain grounds internationally as the American Indian psychologist who has helped many cases using personal interaction with people. In her work, she agrees with the definitions of the term behavior as to be inclusive of cognitive activities in the form of thinking and reasoning as well as intelligence and imagining among memory and much more (Crawford et al. 2013). Some other conative activities such as walking and dancing not forgetting the violence that results to fighting as the conative activity, attacking and many more forms part of what is psychology. Additionally, some other events in the form of feelings of joy, happiness as well as sympathy, anger, and jealousy that happens in a person are active signs that aid Attneave in conquering the difficulties in the field. She has worked in mental health services as her career and succeeded and she meaningful to Native Americans. The fact that the definition is given captures both beings and animals and organisms and the mental processes of all convinces the world that JB Watson's has the best of Psychology as being the science looking at behavior of all organisms their mental processes (LaFromboise et al. 1920-1992).

Dr. Carolyn Attneave's Contributions in Psychotherapy

Human suffering has been experienced mainly in America. The nation has many people suffering from depression, mental disorders, and anxiety. Among the people affected, adults form part of the larger group hardest hit. They have found it hard coping with the situation as well as completing their duties in their workplaces. Many of the people suffering have serious illness economically lower the countries progress because those affected are productive groups and many are breadwinners in the family. Some of them experience loss of weight and smoking a major challenge that needs attention. Likewise, many people have found it hard to cope with relationship troubles, death, and other issues. With this, Dr. Carolyn Attneave found it an opportunity to study and help people work out their problem. The aim is to have people live happily, healthier and of productive in life.

Dr. Carolyn Attneave has contributed much to this field. As a psychologist, she has applied scientific procedures that have taken part in the healthy living of human beings in many regions of the world. She has achieved fast impact through her writing proposing cognitive behavior, among interpersonal and talk therapy as analytical solutions to the problem. She established a personal relationship with the affected people in solving their problems. She dwells on one on one since the method it provides a stable and supportive environment to win a person's confidence. Additionally, the personal talk allows a conversation with a person with neutral and people with objectives and nonjudgmental. At the same time, the method allows checking its effectiveness to the victim. Out of her experience, she has transferred many methods to those that she has encountered with her. Many people have learned valuable skills that can assist someone to cope with challenges that might occur in the future.

In her work, she is a renowned psychologist for identifying signs that suggest needing to visit a psychotherapist. In any case, people suffering from a prolonged sense of sadness and helplessness and challenging problems that a family cannot solve. Many people that she helped had found it hard to concentrate on work and completing assignments and actions of drugs usage and drinking a lot of liquor. Dr. Carolyn Attneave's contribution is recognized due to her consideration of various factors before she attends to offer treatments that work best for a situation.

Dr. Carolyn Attneave's Methods in Psychotherapy

Attneave used cognitive behavior as her method to solve people's situations. She applied practical approaches to complete the treatment of many people. She even presented some questions that were to be answered. Their usage was because they were designed in a manner that was to help the victim to heal. In one of her practical, she could request for victims to gather information as a healing process as well as some reading assignment. At some point, Dr. Carolyn Attneave applied some methods known as humanistic and psychoanalytic approaches that were more focused on talking that involving the victim in doing. She could have the patient relax and wait for treatments without asking for an explanation from the victim. In this situation, she understood better the cause of the situation. Therefore as a qualified psychologist, she could bring together some element and style of psychotherapy to solve the difficulties. Dr. Carolyn Attneave succeeded because she became open-minded since she brought to existence the application of too many styles and methods of healing the conditions.

Dr. Carolyn Attneave's Impact on Patient Satisfaction

A successful work of a psychotherapist is based on patients' oral rewards. A measure of service depends on the clients' level of satisfaction. The appreciation in this sense that the customer got exactly or above what was expected from the psychologist. The fact that the customer will want no more of a therapist applies to Dr. Carolyn Attneave's contributions towards psychology. She has a track record of her successful work in the field of psychology. Additionally, to her, she has been a strong lady since patients that were in need come and went back much happier and with improvements in their situation. One of the cases that affect people is a feeling of worry from time to time. Though it's a standard human response to situations that are stressful, some have persistent anxiety that interrupts the healthy relationship between the person and the family. Regarding this, Dr. Carolyn Attneave came up with solutions that disregarded medical usage thought the combination of medicine and other non-medical remedies works harmoniously and the impact is good enough for a person. According to the National Institute of Mental Health records, there are severe cases of individuals with anxiety. With Dr. Carolyn Attneave, she has dealt with such situations such as panic disorder that is a recurrent panic situation that she could use characters such as sweating, a rapid heartbeat, and even a feeling of dread. She found out that people of this nature developed fear people of uncertainty. Similarly, Dr. Carolyn Attneave dealt with phobia successfully. She helped people with such a condition to lower their anxiety. Nevertheless, she decided to work towards the success of her career in treating people with obsessive-compulsive disorders that are characterized by thoughts and uncontrollable feelings. Finally, depression is among the issues that Dr. Carolyn Attneave fought. She eliminated people. She never entertained trials and errors to assist the person.


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