Reasons to Preserve the Memory of the Places

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Architecture is the bottom line of the construction industry. Historically, this development is based on the historic evaluation of the architect knowledge and site. However, the main challenge is how to preserve the monumental values sense of a place and existing qualities while paving way for the interventions which permit the current roles which prepares the project for up - to - date use.  Therefore, the research of heritage mood and architecture forms a significant framework. This essay seeks to devise ideas for the transformation of public spaces, buildings, and urban areas.

Reasons for Preserving the Memory of the Place

The ultimate importance of preserving the memory of a place is its role in promoting people’s psychological and social comfort. A tangible presence of the heritage in our societies contributes to our connection sense with both present and the past as it serves as the anchor to place and an assurance that we belong to something which is valuable (Ozorhon, 2016). For instance, we value the places which were created by our precedence and we, therefore, have the responsibilities of protecting them for those who will come after us. When our symbolic place which reflects our cultural and natural heritage is interfered with, we instinctively explore methods of protecting and reclaiming them from the hazard (Murakami & Al-Shwani, 2011). Similarly, when we face dangers in our lives, we then have to visit our cultural and natural heritage symbols for consolation. Heritage promotes psychological well being, sustainable growth, and social cohesion. Preserving our places helps the affected people to recover from the problems which could affect us psychologically.

People create an emotional ecosystem which is mainly established near social interactions. The first creation is influenced by the physical manifestation and culture. Admittedly, our traditions and physical presence which are connected to our close places are integral to the viable emotional ecosystem (Murakami & Al-Shwani, 2011). When individuals are displaced and uprooted, they lose their components of familiarity and the neighborhood connections which aid to anchor them to a venue and then subject their ecosystem to suffering. The ability to reconnect to the original physical manifestation is significant in helping people to stabilize and reduce trauma which caused by the stress.

Examples of Streets in Cities in Europe

Almost all cities in the European region have the true luxurious designated areas where people go to shop. The towns are filled with the streets which are cobbled with magnets for the customers who are searching for the quality and or very best products of their life. Magstraede Street, Copenhagen City has champs Elyees and the lined tree in the arrondissment while Goldenes Quartier Street, Vienna is bustled bond and discreet with the exclusive street in the village like corner of the Mayfair. The Golden Quarter Street is the heart of the Vienna town and is listed in the Unesco Global Heritage website.

Magstraede Street, Copenhagen City

Majority of the cities in the European nations, especially Denmark and Sweden have a long history of painting their houses with bright colors. As one moves down the street in these countries, the buildings keep on changing in terms of appearance from one to another.  Although the behavior is common in the entire city, there are many prime streets which are located at the far end of the town. The known street in Copenhagen city is Magstraede.

Magstraede is a nice historic street located in off canal that surrounds the Christiansburg castle. Stretching from Radhusstraed to Knabrostraede, it is rumored that it is among the first street to establish in Copenhagen. The street is characterized by the shorter lane, beautiful buildings, and old paving stones which symbolizes the ancient charm. The lane is wide enough to allow wagons to bounce over the stones when moving towards the docks.  Many This place both locals and tourist who tour to this place to see the cozy nonprofit Café Retro.

Goldenes Quartier Street, Vienna City

Vienna city is renowned for having the high quality life for its residents. The town has many streets which are characterized by several commercial activities which are under the oversight of the Planning department headed by Thomas Madreiter. The streets of the town are co-developed by the public-private entity which is responsible for formulating frameworks and solutions.

The Goldenes Quartier provides an optimum guide to the competitive shops in Vienna. The street is elegance, architecture, and sophistication with the charming location to explore the retail therapy, art, and culture.  Descriptively, the street has large shopping centers which attract the attention of the visitors and locals passing through the road. Thus, Goldenes Quartier beautiful outlook is because of the architectural works.

Goldenes Quartier Street is established between the Seitzergasse, Tuchlauben, and Bognergasee towns. Currently, the area is the best destination of the collection of the premium luxurious products in Vienna City. Moreover, it provides wealth for global designs and the home for the glamorous flagship warehouses. The latter includes British brands such as Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, and Jimmy Choo.

How Architecture Improves the Mood of People in Magstraede and Goldenes Quartier Streets

Architects intuit places in such a way that it influences our behaviors, thought, and feelings as well as the moods. Admittedly, the behavioral researchers give their hunches an empirical idea. The scientist is unearthing the tantalized clues on how to come up with modern designs that encourage creativity, keep learners attentive and promotes social intimacy and relaxation. These effects inform the designers that their efforts are cut edging the projects such as residence for diplomats in which the building is part of the enjoyment. Additionally, the architecture affects the people’s productivity in office by improving the quality of air and reduces the injury hazards (Hyogo Prefecture Board of Education Disaster, 2011). Thus, ventilation, lighting, and building materials influence the well-being and mood of the house occupants.

Architecture design buildings which instill the sense of control over the personal space to the occupants as well improving their health. Additionally, the shared residences minimize stress and enhance the productivity of the workers in homes and offices respectively. Naturally, well-ventilated air reduces the sick building syndrome and ductwork regularly removes the in-house pollutants. Moreover, the innovative designs with windows and doors facilitate cross ventilation. Ventilation is significant for risk mitigation of radon posting before setting it on. Ultimately, there is no location which is fully guaranteed of the safety.

Ways in Which Architecture Interact With the Past and Future

History plays an important role in our daily way of life. Basically, we learn a lot by analyzing the past (Asfour, 2016). For example, the architectural values and inspirations are the basis upon which the modern buildings are being raised. Considerably, there are contemporary ways of pursuing the social space. A remarkable past that still influences the ideas of the architectures is the Damienski installation in the public space. Apparently, there are several ideologies and concepts which are valuable.

Ultimately, architecture acquires a modern technique which values the past as the reference of the overlooked and yet significant illustrations which are available for disposal in the development approaches of the design (Mahgoub, 2015). With the facilities entering in the urban activism, the architectures are introducing new designs which are different from the traditional plans by evaluating their approach which is shaped under the prevailing political circumstances the past and future as well as the community expectations.

 Another way architecture interacts with past and future is by creating dialogues and social places in the sections such as social, private, and public avenues. They provide a platform for negotiating between the public space and social life by considering the designs which diminishes significantly in the areas we visit frequently.


In summary, the architecture is the bottom line of the heritage mood. Buildings designs influence our way of life. The designers develop projects which have long lasting life because they are significant in advancing one’s social and psychological comfort.  The remarkable presence of the projects in our community connects our present with the past. In my opinion, the designers should explore the modern architectural plans when creating the facility since they are essential in the people psychological arrangement.

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August 01, 2023

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