Reflection of Current World by Musicians

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In my view, it is the responsibility of the musician to reflect the current world and not distract people from it. That is because music is a powerful tool for guiding the people's behavioral practices and musicians have considerable influence in changing the people's feelings and thoughts about various events in the current world. That, therefore, makes it vital for the musicians to give the appropriate reflection of events in the present society, as opposed to distracting people from the reality of the current world.

            Additionally, music and society always have a close correlation. Meaning, music plays a pivotal role in reflecting and creating various social conditions, including different factors that can either enhance or impede social change in the society. If the musicians fail to give the correct reflection of the current world, the society is likely to be misguided, which could lead to societal disorder. On the other hand, the musicians' proper reflection of the acceptable morals and values in the society would instill ethical behavior in the society, thereby leading to an orderly world. Besides, the correct representation of various events occurring in the current world can encourage relevant stakeholders to initiate change when necessary. In other words, music is a powerful communication tool in the society and musicians can only guide the society in the right direction by correctly reflecting the current world.

            In overall, the musician has a pivotal role to play in reflecting the current world, as opposed to distracting people from it. Music plays a significant role in the present world, and most people depend on music to understand the current events in the society. Besides, musicians have a powerful influence on how people perceive the present world and their ability to cause positive change in the society depends on how best they can musically reflect the image of the current world.

October 05, 2023

Entertainment Music

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