Rehabilitation centre in North Park

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This is to suggest that the land next to North Park could be used to set up a rehabilitation centre to handle addiction and help the disabled in the North Park community. North Park is a destination for all kinds of life experiences.  Through these experiences, there have been rising cases of drug addiction in the community which could be curbed by creating more health and rehabilitation centres. Drug addiction has destructive effects on the users. Many youths are underperforming and some dropping out of school because of drugs. This project would be a valuable move to save the community and protect the future generation. The rehabilitation centre could also cater for people with disabilities in the community to achieve their highest attainable health level. Through this support, the disabled will gain full support in their physical, mental and social aspects of life. The success of this project will need the involvement of the health, social welfare, and livelihood and education sectors.

A rehabilitation centre to handle addiction and disability will greatly improve the social welfare of the surrounding inhabitants. There is a prevalence of substance abuse among uninsured young adults, and most of them do not have health care coverage (“North Park San Diego Substance Abuse”). A rehab centre will ensure that their health requirements are catered for.

The rehabilitation centre will further have programs to engage the community and capture those silently suffering from addiction. Many addicts are not able to come out in the open and declare to suffer addiction. This will fill up the gap left by other health centres. The existing efforts have not been sufficient to control drug rates.

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August 21, 2023



Addiction Illness

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