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Retina is the thin skin layer lining the inside of the eye. In many cases, it has three important functions. Firstly, it receives light rays that have been focused and reflected by the lens. Secondly, retina helps to convert reflected light into simple neural signals. Thirdly, it transmits neural signals to the person’s brain for the purpose of visual identification. Retina is found close to the optic nerve that connects the eye to the brain. In this regard, the optic nerve sends impulses from the eye to the brain for interpretation. This makes it easier for individuals to identify familiar people such as close friends and siblings or parents.

The clear front part of the eye is referred to as the cornea and is responsible for transmitting light into a person’s eye. The coloured section of the eye is referred to as the iris and is useful in controlling the amount of light allowed into the eye. Lens refers to the structure responsible for focusing light on the retina. In the retina, the macula covers a small portion with unique cells that are light-sensitive. The extent to which a person can see fine details reflects on the functionality of the macula. The pupil is the adjustable middle of the iris that expands in dim light and contracts in bright light.

Eye safety is paramount since serious injuries can weaken or even destroy a person’s capability to see. All eye problems should be reported to the optician because self-guided attempts to remedy may cause worse outcomes. Retinal diseases occur when a person loses vision or notices defective outcomes in side vision. Distorted or blurred vision along with floating specks can all indicate the onset of retinal diseases.

August 04, 2023



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