Same-Sex Marriage Essay

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As an introduction, I am doing a thorough revision and reflection on the topic of LGBT which is the abbreviation of the topic Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and transgender. This topic basically dealt with the gender type of identity which simple dealt with the cultures and various diversities that were related to sexuality.

Merc Stein's Article on Same-Sex Marriage

In this essence, therefore, I create this paragraph to basically the article of one Merc Stein whom in his article is kind of encouraging the same-sex marriage and he argues his points in reference to the modern society. He claims that most of our parents nowadays plays a great role in encouraging this type of marriage within our communities. He further relates to the Twenty-First Century that we find very many of our young couples adopting the culture which in some basic cases factored by the political and the social causes, some are driven by the central database of minor representations, some are caused by the democratic rights within our countries and also the need for citizenship and equality with other countries. I, therefore, made the choice of this article mainly because, in my view, I completely disagree with the concept of same-sex marriage. It completely deteriorates the morals of our societies and puts some of the cultures and natural processes of life to be hindered. Some of the effects of this are the high rate of discrimination that will exist amongst the LGBT and the society at large. I, therefore, do not completely conform to this article since the original article is completely contrary to the primary basics of life. In life from creation, man and woman were created for a purpose and when such acts like LGTB exist, the primal purpose for man creation is therefore completely lost.

Valentine and Waite's Article on Marriage

I come up with another paragraph in reference to the article by none other than Valentine and Waite’s who came up very clearly to discourage the same-sex marriage which I this case was abbreviated as LGBT. I strongly support them since in consideration to their arguments from the Bible which really takes us back to our olden days and our stories of the creation by God. According to the Bible, the scripture has it very clear that when the time for marriage comes, man shall leave his mother and father and be united with his wife to become one body and soul. I particularly made this choice of the article because it gives clear evidence and reference on what is expected of us that is the man and woman how and whom they should relate to when it comes to marriage. According to them, the Bible simple created marriage for two main purposes which were unity band procreation. In the LGBT concept, the reaction part probably is out which completely change the rule of God. I, therefore, confirm the originality of this article in that it depicts the originality of the time of events and states clearly what is expected of our societies.


From the revision, I have tried my level best to change the perception of the authors of various articles such as Merc Stein who fully supported the LGBT type of marriage and adopted the argument and belief portrayed by the two authors Valentine and Waite’s. The main reason as to why I fully support this Biblical concept is because of its valid reasoning according to the Bible and it reflects clearly on the reasons for the creation of man and woman and their roles in this world. I revised this topic with the help or reference of a Bible which almost all of us believe in and accept its documentation.

August 21, 2023

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