Sarin Gas

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Sarin gas is also known as O-Isopropyl methylphosphonofluoridate is the most dangerous toxic chemical has ever been documented.  It is highly volatile, colorless and odorless gas that can be quickly spread through the air without detection via the human nose. It through this unique characteristic that sarin gas has been used as a lethal weapon in many parts of the globe more so in Japan and Syria.  The first documented production of sarin occurred in 1938 in German to produce a pesticide. Through the Germany government decided not to use sarin as a weapon in World War II; its soldered captured the laboratory after the war and started mass production a scenario which was manipulated by Russia and Iraq.

Sarin is a nerve poisoning agent; its accumulation in the body results to acetyl-cholinesterase buildup which in return inhibits acetylcholine metabolism in nerve synapsis junction. In return, the collection of acetylcholine in the nerve synapses overstimulates a parasympathetic nerve in smooth muscle of vital body organs like the eye, muscles, respiratory tract, blood vessels among others.  According to a national research council panel on biological issues, (2002) the initial symptoms of this exposure entail a runny nose and pupil and chest constriction. In result difficult in breathing, blurred vision and nausea cripple in. The victim within few minutes starts to vomit, urinate and defecate followed by twitching and suffocation which can lead to death if medical attention is not availed.  This ability of the gas to be released into the population without the ease of detection and cause mass attack oh humans body organs has made it an easy to utilize chemical weapon. It is through this character that many terror groups have employed it as a mean of terrorizing the general population which has been credited for the loss of life. A good example is the coordinated attacks that Aum Shinrikyo initiated in Japan in 1995. This attack was successful, and it led to the loss of several lives a factor that forced the national government to formulate strict laws toward management and observation of chemical attack.

The availability of scientific and technological development and advancement over time have increased the probability of developing chemical weapons. This is coupled with the development of sophisticated uncontrolled research centers around the world. This independent research facility increases the risk of lethal sale product to terror groups which in return use them for the advancement of their agenda (Wang, Gu, and Leszczynski, 2006).


Preparation for the attack

Since it illegal to sell and purchase sarin no law inhibits one from buying its base compounds. Therefore the best way to have its access is through small quantities production and combine it on our secret laboratories. To avoid raising an eyebrow, we will set several small coordinated laboratories within the city by hiring houses in residential and business centers. The raw materials will be purchased in small quantities from different cities, and they transported to our town by delivery services as gifts or individual consignments. Our specialized will initiate the production of the gas and repackage it as gasoline in solutions form and being moved to our various stores across the city. To prevent detection each sarin solution package will be transported alone in 6 days apart.

Delivery of the gas/ execution

To ease delivery of the product to public Day of the Dead celebration is the best avenue to deliver it. Many people walk along the street celebration to tradition wearing mask carrying bags and other hand jewelers. Therefore, we have designed nose mask amended on a facial mask similar to those being work by the people celebrate the tradition. The solvent sarin is then vaporized into a gas and packaged into many small packages with nozzles and the container attached to bags.  The bags and the mask are then moved to different locations where the delivery teams collect them for delivery. Various groups are dispatched across the city where the celebrations are held. After placing their mask to prevent harm on themselves, they are required to open the nozzle at the exact time to release the gas. The effect of the gas will confuse the people who will be likely to scatter in a different direction. This will be the best exit strategy where they will be required to drop the bags and head to our exit vehicles without being noticed.

Prevention strategies

            A chemical attack is a catastrophic phenomenon in the world due to its fragility and inability to prevent it. Most of these attacks occur on a well-coordinated environment where detection of planned attack has proved difficult. Most of these attacks are carried out by specialized groups where planning and execution occur within the loyal crème of the group. Since government institutions highly control the production, sale, and transportation of sarin, the purchase of its base raw materials is not illegal. This creates an avenue for terror groups to assemble the product on their well-coordinated laboratories for use in execution of terror activities.  To prevent this from the happening law should be formulated to document the biometric information of anyone purchasing any sarin raw material and be assigned authority to oversee its usage. Although this could reduce incidences of it production, it does not guarantee 100% eradication. To prevent the release of produced gas into population gas sensors should be installed in all streets to detect any lethal chemical gas in any package. Once recognized an alarm should be sent to the public and authority. This will call for a prompt response to a situation that is likely to reduce the number of vitality.

There is no perfect method to ensure complete prevention of release of any lethal gas to the population. Products like sarin which are odorless are only felt after they are in contact with the body. Therefore to prevent the devastating effect of its exposure to the population; population must be made aware of the possible threat and how to respond in the case of attack. Once abnormal human behavior likes chocking and irritating eyes are detected people are advised to move away from the current location to a safer area. They are required to notify the authority immediately and provide full information of the signs presented by the affected people to ease faster response (Kehe et al., 2009).


A terrorist attack can manifest itself in different form and time because it happens when it is likely expected. The kind of attack used by different terror groups differs over time with a different magnitude of casualties. With the current sophistication of technology, terror groups have adopted it to further their agenda and ease attack. Sarin production and delivery require highly skilled biotechnologist to coordinate detection and to expose the carriers to the gas. The more the skilled the personnel, the more sophisticated the attack and likelihood of less discovery during planning and execution. This sophistication of terror attack calls for massive investment in prevention and after attack response. Prevention of attack requires the employment of advanced technology, skilled, and public education. Detection of gaps on planned attacks helps the government to prepare in case of eventuality and develop the right measure on how to handle the victims. It also helps to create prior strategies on how to prevent the spread of the attack, and avail required resources and workforce to handle it.


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August 14, 2023

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