Smarties: Product Redesign

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From the candy, chocolate can be substituted and replaced with fruit juice to form Smarties juice. Besides, the shell can be removed and substituted with gummies to form Smarties gummies. In addition to that, one can replace the outer plastic paper bag cover with a plastic tin.  

Combine: The Smarties bars can be combined with ice cream to make a Smarties Cream. Also, the Smarties can be combined with a cake to produce a Smarties Cake. Likewise, Smarties can be combined with crunchy chocolate substances to form Smarties crunchy.

Adapt: Adapt the outer covering of a chick. This would then produce a chick shaped container of the Smarties, making it more attractive to the customers, especially children.

Modify: Package the Smarties in small quantities, resulting to a Smarties Mini. Also, one can package them into large sizes, resulting in Smarties Giants. The Smarties bars can also be packaged in medium sizes to create Smarties Normal.

Put them to other use (Serrat 315): This could involve making mini eggs Smarties for children or making a chicken house shaped Smarties for the same purpose. One can also put animal food into the smarties to produce Smarties for cats and dogs.

Eliminate: One can eliminate the color from the Smarties, resulting in black and white colored Smarties. Also, one can remove sugar or chocolate from the Smarties to create Smarties for diabetics.

Reverse: Reverse the shell on the inside of the chocolate bar and put it on the outside. This would result in the Smarties Bar. Also, the smarties bar can be melted and added to ice cream and milk to create a Smarties milkshake.

The preferred idea from the above ideas is that of putting into other use. This redesign will result into entering a completely new market segment thus increasing the product’s competitive advantage.

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September 18, 2023

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