Some Lessons From The Assembly Line

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Considering the poor choices I have made

like any other student in learning institutions by wasting resources just to suffer later after their respective programs, a student can be captivated by “Some Lessons from the Assembly Line” by Andrew Braaksma. Braaksma attempts to urge teenagers to pursue excellence in their academics because the world outside is harsh. The author claims that knowledge is power and the key to successful living in the current society. Braaksma’s key point in the article is that if students do not spend their time reading and studying they will end up living a distraught life. Another point illustrated by the author is that workers at the factories are experiencing difficulties in maintaining their lives owing to underpayment and hard labor that hurts their body.

The audience for the article

is both high school and campus learners in the community. However, potential challenges exist in trying to address this audience such as understanding the purpose of the message, getting access to the article just to mention a few.

I desire to provide advice

to learners who engage in non-learning activities instead of studying during school days. I believe the author is right in demonstrating a claim that those working in the manufacturing factories are suffering from underpaying and adverse working conditions. Education allows people to get well-paying jobs that can sustain them with their families.

Based on my claim

I believe the possible places to put evidence include putting more effort to realize academic excellence in the class. Besides, improving the economy to help workers in the workshops to earn huge salaries to raise the minimum wages for those working either as part-timers or full-timers.

Revision is an important aspect

of a writing process. One technique that I propose for this task is first to revise the ideas and structure of the essay followed by editing spelling, proofreading, and grammar. The strategy will be effective as it helps a student to overcome complications associated with structure and ideas while reducing grammar and spellings mistakes at the same time. The feedback from outside sources will help the author to improve the content and make it more comprehensive. Besides, it ensures that all information concerning the subject is included in the final edition of the essay.

August 21, 2023

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