Strategic Plan for Banner Health Network

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Banner Health organization is among the most significant healthcare companies in the United States that focus on providing health services such as health coverage and benefits services to the community. Banner Health network services range from radiology for both children and adults, emergency care, nursing registry, and physical therapy. Moreover, due to such diversity, Banner Health network has offered health-related services to many individuals in the United States. Additionally, Banner Health network has upheld outstanding international standards on service provision in the healthcare sector, and this has ensured that the organization remains well established in different regions where the network has branches. This paper focusses on assessing the readiness of Banner Health networking in addressing the healthcare needs of United States citizen in the next decade through strategic plans concerning issues on nurse staffing, resource management, network growth and patient satisfaction.

The Readiness of the Banner Health Network

            In the current times, it is crucial for healthcare network to be diversified in order to meet the health needs of the populations over the coming decade. Banner Health care network offers an extremely extensive framework in health services and this will help in ensuring the network meet the diverse health needs of its population for an extended period (Walsh, 2013). Some individuals require emergency medical care at selected specialized facilities while others are in need of hospice care due to terminal illness (James, 2013). Based on such conditions, Banner Health network provides its services in the context of diversity. Evidently, this aspect exemplifies the ability of the system to match to the ever-growing healthcare needs of the community.

Strategic Plan

Nurse Staffing

            In the modern times, nursing has become a central operational mechanism of any healthcare establishment. Therefore, nurse staffing will be a vital component of the strategic plan for the Banner Health Network. There is the need for Banner Health network to ensure that exceptional high level of efficiency is maintained in the organization. Through the effective partnership with educational systems such as the University of Arizona Health Network (UAHN), Banner Health network will successfully train new nurses, and this will ascertain the organization acquires nurses that have exceptional levels of knowledge and efficiency (Tracey, 2016). Also through the effective partnership, the network will be able to assimilate graduate nurses from the selected educational institutions into its system, and this will help in the readiness of Banner Health network in assessing the healthcare needs of its population in the United States.

Patients Satisfaction

            Banner Health Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality health services to patients. The organizations primary plans it to utilize modern technology in order to ensure that patients’ needs are adequately addressed, and this will ascertain and improve their satisfaction (Tracey, 2016). The organization realization of patient satisfaction is essential to its success and thus should be associated with its effective strategic plan. For Banner Health, the patient must be served promptly, and this will help in avoiding unnecessary delays that may arise in the network's facility check-in. Also, qualified nurses should ensure that follow-ups are precisely done, and this will ensure that patients recovery goes according to the stipulated plan. In addition, provision of reliable health services to all patients should be paramount to the organization, and this will assist the network in ensuring that patients’ needs are addressed in the right manner, which will result to patients’ satisfaction.

Resource Management

            In the modern times, no organization can efficiently operate without proper management of resources. The appropriate management of human and financial resources is another essential component of the strategic plan for Banner Health. Moreover, Banner Health is a well-recognized and established healthcare entity in the healthcare industry. Resource management must be based on a platform that enhances overall performance and efficiency of the network. In addition, there is the need for the mitigation of the system operational costs also as a critical element to be integrated into the management of the network of resources (Walsh, 2013). This is vital because the networks overall standard of performance can be highly dictated by cost. Besides, with the operations of the organization has shifted to cooperate social responsibility, banner survival is guaranteed in the industry.

Network Growth

            There is the rapid growth of the healthcare industry in the United States, and this has been made possible by the development of technology. Therefore, for Banner Health to survive in this market, it is vital for the company to improve the quality patients care as well as its mode of service delivery (Tracey, 2016). For Banner Health network to enhance growth, it must expand to other states in the United States. The organization will have to develop a healthier environment by ensuring it devises a plan that values health services offered to the community. Currently, the organizations provide health services in only six states that include Arizona, California, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada, and Wyoming. It is paramount for Banner Health network to consider expanding by opening new branches in other states considering that the United States consists of fifty-two states in total. Additionally, successful expansion of banner network coverage in other states will have to involve a partnership with other institutions (Walsh, 2013). For instance, Banner Health network should collaborate with the non-governmental establishment and can significantly assist in boosting banner network for expansion. Moreover, the government can financially support Banner Health in expanding its services to other states, and this will enhance network growth of the organization substantially.

Comparison of Banner Health and Singapore Airlines

            In the case of Singapore Airlines, the organization utilized a strategy that involved giving proper attention to it in flight service, where the company considered that excellent flight service was vital in its own right and a reflection of attention to detail throughout the airline. The Singapore Airlines have a similarity with Banner Health because both organizations have focused on rendering quality services to their customers and in order to precisely ensure that excellent service is offered to their customers, the two companies have primarily focused on organization's staffing. The two companies assure the selection of applicants is competitive because they are strict on the degree of experience, skill, and poise of candidates. Culture issues include gentle, courteous service that is consistent with these norms and with the approaches taken by the organizations.


            The elements as mentioned above are crucial in the readiness of Banner health network to meet the needs of United States citizens over the next decade. It is evident from Banner Health exceptional professional competence, diversity of health needs and resource base that the network is ideally positioned to handle the diverse health needs of the community. Moreover, the organization’s expansion to other states will play a vital role in bolstering Banner Health Networks performance.


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October 13, 2023




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