STUXNET and EMP Devices

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According to Langner (2011), STUXNET came with significances one of them being its usefulness in military bases. For instance, military planners use STUXNET to execute their plans effectively as with STUXNET the planners can measure the advantages and disadvantages of cyber charge. On the other hand, dragonfly code in the United and Europe has enabled the collection of data about the industrial control system.

            The internet passes information and this is in line with ZDEs since they enable attackers to enter and also manipulate various systems of information. Thus, the global market makes it possible for a great range of user to enter into the system hence accessing the information. The proliferation of ZDEs and those of nuclear weapons cannot be either managed or controlled by the same treaty to that in the nuclear nonproliferation since the latter only permits five countries to poses nuclear weapons. On the other, hand it is not possible to keep the account of cyber weapons same as most countries are monitored to give the number of their nuclear weapons since in cyber weapons it is hard to keep their count since they are mainly soft wares that can be changed (Rid & McBurney, 2012).

            Electromagnetic pulse generally damages electronic equipment and at maximum energy levels causes damages to buildings and also aircraft structures. Due to this, there are weapons that have been developed to give out the same effects. This leads to damages in the business sector due to destruction of infrastructures and breakdown of electronic equipment. Additionally, the EMP is lethal like the malicious codes in cyberattack since they all cause damages to electronic equipment. One example of an EMP device is Oska Pulse PEMF Device which goes for $399.9 on


Langner, R. (2011). Stuxnet: Dissecting a cyberwarfare weapon. IEEE Security & Privacy, 9(3), 49-51.

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September 11, 2023


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