Tango Music

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The Alejandro Ziegler Quartet

The Alejandro Ziegler Quartet is a band made up of four men who play the classic tango music at the Gary and Laura Maurer Concert Hall on 28th of February 2018 at the weekly World Music Wednesday event. This band is made up of four men, who each play a musical instrument to create a blend of classic and traditional tango music since 2008. Their music is composed by Alejandro Ziegler who doubles as the band's pianist. Others members of the band play different instruments; Charles Gorczynski plays the bandoneon, Ishtar Hernandez plays the violin and Daniel Fabricant plays the bass (Old Town School of Folk Music, 2018). The band will be playing Danzarin which is a blend of various music genres and a harmonious combination of instruments that produce sensational tango music.

Program Notes

Program notes of the quartet are normally found on their website which describe the context, composer and expectations of the concert. The program note creates a convincing impression of the band, the music that they have played before and the music that they will play (Old Town School of Folk Music, 2018). This gives a clear but curious impression of what to expect.


Danzarin is a music piece that will allow the audience to experience and connect with the various sounds of tango music. The texture of this music is homophonic with articulate melody and chords that captures the audience attention. The tempo of the music varies to create a sustained and broad speed in the flow of the music. When bass is applies, a solemn tempo is created which allows reflection into the music. The mood of the music is a combination of spirited, happy, enigmatic and one of love. The instruments produce music that gives an enchanting yet enigmatic mood to enjoy the music. The dynamics throughout the music play is soft and expressive when the piano is played.

Performance Setting

The setting of the performance is breathtaking as it gives one a mix of feelings nostalgic yet melancholic. It creates a mood where one can deeply reflect and reconnect with past experiences (Higgins & Campbell, 2010). With a black and white theme, the show presents sophistication and sets the mood for the audience. The band is usually in a casual-official wear that is unique and decent. Performance in a reserved concert hall with a well-lit stage with a great view from the audience where one can view the stage from angles.

Instrumental Tango

Instrumental tango has become a revolution in the tango music. Alejandro Ziegler Quartet brings out the best of the music with the combination of all the musical instruments that bring out emotions without words and lets the audience give their own meaning to the songs. The instruments give rhythm to the song which varies depending on the combination of instruments being played. The rhythm allows for flow of thought and keenness to the next beat to be played (Higgins & Campbell, 2010). It partly allows for slow dance with altered speeds in movements. The ending of the music is reckoning and gives a feeling of bliss.


In conclusion, their music is compared to that of the infamous orchestras Trolio, Di Sarli and Piazolla. The music has helped the band garner international reputation playing in Argentina, US, and Europe. They've also managed a tango tour in the US and Europe. The 28th February 2018 is an event to look forward to. The event starts at 8.30pm, and concert is free but reservations have to be made via call to secure a slot. Alejandro Ziegler Quartet is a music that can be viewed as an art that one can only seek to understand.


Old Town School of Folk Music (2018). Concerts &Events. Retrieved from https://www.oldtownschool.org/concerts/2018/02- 28-2018-wmw-alejandro-ziegler/

Higgins, L., & Campbell, P. S. (2010). Free to be musical: Group improvisation in music. R&L Education.

October 05, 2023


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