The Adoption of Technology in Nursing

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The current technological age has seen technology adapted into many spheres of life. Essentially, the systems adapted help in simplifying the work as well as increasing efficiency. The nursing industry has also incorporated technology in their daily operations, which is meant to utilize this platform in delivering excellent care and service to the society (Deen, 2015). Particularly, I work for Tenet Healthcare where we have adopted technology such as Cerner HER, wireless phone as well as health stream.

Cerner EHR

This system helps nurses as well as physicians to share various data thus streamline processes. Traditionally, patient data was recorded in written paper format, which was filed. However, this system was faulted in regard to the number of times that this information was misplaced. Furthermore, this information was not readily available to various physicians. However, Cerner EHR is designed in such a way that it makes the coordination of care effective. The system helps various providers to access information within the workflows of the clinic.

Wireless phone

This technology helps in communication. This technology is efficient in that it enables the physicians and doctors to communicate, which facilitates the provision of care (Yuehong, Zeng, Chen, & Fan, 2016).

Health stream

Cerner EHR as an education technology tool can be utilized in learning more about the profession (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2017). Nurses and physicians can be able to know of any new inventions regarding medication through this platform. Additionally, this technological tool also helps bring into view the relevant topics that the nurses and physicians ought to know about as well as their necessity.

In conclusion, the adoption of these technological tools could be facilitated by governments sponsoring the healthcare facilities in regard to finance since some of these systems are expensive. These tools have made an impact on the sector and thus should be adopted by all healthcare related facilities so that they can enhance and better the delivery of services.


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October 13, 2023

Healthcare Nursing

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