The Advantages and Disadvantages of Autonomous Management

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The essay’s content and arguments indicate that the author has an extensive understanding of managers’ autonomy in decision-making. The expression of ideas has been done in a manner that enhances easy understanding. The author begins the initial paragraph by highlighting a clear and concise position on the subject issue. This approach gives the essay a sense of direction, thereby eliminating confusion. Also, the author brings forth adequate support for his position by introducing the adverse effects of granting managers more powers in making decisions.

The author’s sentiments discredit the idea of giving managers the privilege to make control appraisal, hiring, and compensation decisions. He believes that managers are prone to embracing bias, thereby favoring some employees and denying others equal opportunities (Wynen, Verhost, Thiel, & Ongaro, 2014). The introduction of the Journal of Public Management Review study brings forth credible support for the thesis statement. Thus, the author does not just make comments without stabilizing them. To avoid bias, the author also notes that managerial autonomy has positive outcomes. Apart from identifying the problems related to autonomous management, the author keenly introduces several solutions that can be employed in organizations. The only problem with the essay is alluding the New Management theory (Wynen & Verhoest, 2016). Although the theory is applied correctly, the theorist has not been mentioned. On a different note, the usage of the Biblical concept of not judging others gives the paper an excellent ending.

The author’s style of addressing the problem is excellent. The explanation of the issue at hand, as well as the possible participants, can be used in solving organizational personnel problems with ease. The focus on professionalism and fairness in administrative tasks creates the impression that leaders should be ethical in their operations. Thus, the essay can help enhance managerial duties, while at the same time improving employee welfare.


Wynen, J. & Verhost, K. (2016). Internal performance-based steering in public sector

organizations: Examining the effect of organizational autonomy and external result control. Journal of Public Performance & Management Review, 39(1). 535-559. DOI: 10.1080/15309576.2015.1137769

Wynen, J., Verhost, K., van Thiel, S., & Ongaro, E. (2014). Innovation-oriented culture in the

public sector: Do managerial autonomy and result control lead to innovation. Journal of Public Management Review, 16(1), 45. DOI:

January 19, 2024

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