The Application of Elements of Music in Symphony

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The ability to capture audience attention and having an electrifying performance is due to the elements of music that have been incorporated in the Symphony. The performance starts on a high pitch with alternating melodies. The uniformity leads to a patronizing sound track. The symphony follows all desired tracks and this include fast, slow, medium and then fast. The master instructs for uniformity at the start of the play. He allows the instrumentalists to start on a low symphony and this gives it meaning and attracts people’s attention to synthesize on the next aspect that has to follow.

            Mozart enjoyed the application of new trends and making them more complex. That entails the combination of slow, fast and medium sounds in the symphony to create an antagonizing meaning of sorrow although there are no words presented. The sonata form has been applied in several ways.          Aspects of music like melody, harmony, rhythm, pitch and timbre are applied in the symphony. The instruments alternate uniformly per the given durations to produce the rhythmic flow. Melody is incorporated by intensity of instruments used and at the same time, harmony is observed by lowering the tone to adjust the pitch and timbre.  

            Sections are identified through the slow and faster variation of rhythm and tone. The current trend and sonata trend are applied independently to come up with a constructive play. However, the sonata is diverse in nature as it captures all musical skills to attract the attention of the audience. The variation of rhythm in the two sections creates a touching connection between the low, medium and fast sections of the symphonic genre. I become emotional when the major key is in place. This is because the key is a real definition of happiness and satisfaction that gives meaning to the genre despite the fact that no words are applied  when the key is major, I begin thinking on the skills applied by the instrumentalists to create the sensational rhythmical message. However, I begin to relax when the key goes down but I become emotional once more when they key is boosted.


October 05, 2023


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