The Causes of the Cold War

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The Cold War and Its Inevitability

The Cold War was inevitable due to the significant ideological differences that existed between the United States of America (USA) and the Soviet Union. Further, the USA misunderstood the Soviet Union, which contributed to the threats that it may use its atomic bomb (JFK Library). Additionally, mistrust between the two primary rivals contributed further to the inevitability of the cold war.

Measures the United States Could Have Taken

The United States of America would have implemented several measures to prevent the Cold War. First, it should have restrained from involving itself with the internal affairs of the Soviet Union (Library of Congress). Second, the USA should not have threatened its rival that failure to comply with its terms would lead to the use of atomic bomb. It is worth noting that the difference between the USA and the Soviet Union started a long time ago. However, the United States of America had more power to settle these disputes.

Measures the Soviet Union Could Have Taken

On the other hand, the Soviet Union would have prevented the Cold War through various means. First, it would have respected capitalism which was practiced by the United States of America and concern itself with communism (JFK Library). Moreover, the Soviet Union should not have involved or sought support from other countries such as China. Its penetration into China and North Korea was perceived by the USA as a threat and consequently caused varied reactions.

The Possibility of Avoiding the Cold War

To sum up, the Cold War was inevitable since it arose due to the rivalry arising from ideological differences. Mistrust between the USA and the Soviet Union made it hard for them to hold negotiations and end the Cold War. However, both countries would have avoided it if they had agreed to negotiate and come up with a peace treaty.

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November 24, 2023

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