The cycle of rock

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I agree with Angela that a rock cycle does not necessarily take the same course despite the fact that the start and end points remain the same, hence the name cycle. The three types of rocks differ in composition and origin, which causes them to be exposed to different environments and turn into one another. As long as the state to which a rock is subjected is understood, the phase is recurring and the transition predictable. For example, igneous rocks are composed of fine particles and can be combined into more solid states to turn into metamorphic rock when it is subjected to heat and pressure. Heat and pressure cause the composite of this rock to combine. Similarly, metamorphic rock can be turned into sedimentary rock when decomposes or into igneous rocks when melts and solidified. Thus, the process of transformation continues in different ways and the cycle continues.

Response to Kirbi Blake

I partially do agree with Kirbi, who presents a wrong idea about the rock cycle. I think rock cycle does not follow a certain path. He tries to present the example of one way transformation of rock to support his idea that it does follow a certain path. But the point that he is missing is that this one way process is not eternal rather they can change; in other words, the rock formed by these one-way processes may further transformed into other rocks and that is why it is a cycle. A cycle can never be a one-way process.

October 13, 2022

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