The Democratic and Republican Parties

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Republican and Democratic parties are both filled with American citizens who have different views and opinions on how to better the U.S.A Since these parties are so dominant they represent how America is viewed as a whole and how whichever party is in charge chooses how to run the country, knowing the differences between Republicans and Democrats in terms of policies, demographics, and history will help one decide which party they would like to belong to. The primary purpose of democracy and these parties is to obtain all of the different ideas, passions, and needs of the voters. The abilities of these parties have changed drastically over the years and slow extinguishing of the people's voice.

Origin of Political Parties

It was said that the American Founders wanted no high ranking political parties, and were seen at the time to lead to a non-independent decision making. Nevertheless, political parties were created to make the voices of the American people able to be heard around the country. The current political parties have valuable structures they are based upon, here is a quote to better define their structures, "They seek to bring together different electoral groups to create a majority that can win elections and control government" (Brewer and Stonecash, p.1)

Shifts in Party Affiliation

When a significant event happens that affects a majority of civilians this can cause a massive change in the distribution of members on each side. Likewise when the Great Depression arrived a lot of Republicans who were affected or just simply observing this huge loss occurring to their country changed their party to Democratic in effect to how all the parties were dealing with the current situation.

History of Democratic and Republican Parties

In this regard, it should be well understood that the Democratic Party is one of the old political parties coming from the anti-federalist sentiments during the attainment of independence from Great Britain. The adoption of the donkey symbol for the Democratic Party originated from the 1828 campaign of the famous Andrew Jackson. With time the Democratic Party witnessed separation whereby they those who went ahead to support slavery and those who did support such vices. On the other hand, the Republican Party traces its origin from the anti-slavery activists as well as the agents of modernity where Abraham Lincoln was appointed the first president and the party adopted the use of the elephant symbol back in the year 1874.

Influence of Parents on Party Affiliation

Democratic parties tend to be made of very moderate personalities and favored the use of very elaborate wording whereas Republicans gravitate towards campaigns and usually prefer very intense and strong characters. Most adults agree with their parents' choice of political party, generally from the strong affect one's parents may portray throughout youth and possibly through adulthood. However, some adults may change their political view traditionally based on a grim world event, peer pressure, or a simple reassessment on one's point of view.

Differences in Policies and Viewpoints

When it comes to policies and viewpoints, both parties have difference on these points and sometimes can lead to a harsh relationship between the two. Republicans typically agree with topics like pro-life, traditional beliefs, same taxes (flat tax), and a majority of the members are located near the central United States. On the contrary, Democrats tend to favor topics supporting pro-choice, more liberal stance on traditions, strong gay acceptance and a more significant part of these participants are on the coasts of the U.S.


Gradually as time goes on everything will inevitably change in order to compensate for what is needed by the people and the world as a collective community. Both the Democratic and Republican parties have amazing standards they hold themselves and the people to, and both contain some extreme flaws that have had an enormous impact. However, the status of these parties at this point is irrelevant and the people's opinions are the primary focus of what these organizations are based upon. Nevertheless, America is run by the people for the people; this is a common phrase said in this country and hopefully will continue to be appropriately applied by said political groups.

Philosophical Differences

Further, the two political parties the Democrat and the Republican have for a long time displayed difference based on their philosophy. In the regard, the Democrats logic comprise of the support to the domestic social services which are not much aggressive about the foreign policy. The Democrat policies champion the root for the strong government to undertake the social structure as well as standing for the communal and equal responsibility in the society. Besides on the side of the Republicans, they have for a long time advocated for the restricted state examination of the internal matters regarding the international relation. Further, the Republicans have been on the forefront towards advocating for policies such as the pro-business, pro-religion, and pro-military. Besides, Republicans believe that their supports have the freedom to take personal responsibility for their activities, the Republican party call for the fiscally and socially conservative projecting policies for a robust free market as well as a lean government.

Policy Positions of Republicans

For a long time, American politics has been one of the interesting events across the world because of the different policies that have been undertaken with is two major political parties. The Republicans have stood with the ideas of increasing the military budget to be in a position to handle the Middle East countries which have been seen as a threat to the security of the United States. Further, the Republican Party has portrayed strict measures towards societal challenges such as the application of contraceptives, abortion as well as the issue of same gender marriage with the strong notion that legalization of these aspects interferences with the working of the society. Further, the Republicans have different perspective in the community for example regarding tax whereby most of them favor the tax cut for all whether someone is rich or poor as well as the control of the minimum wage gap in the community. Further the Republican have been understood for their strict policies for example the border control. This event can be well be demonstrated by the recent 2016 election whereby the Republican president Donald Trump proposed the construction of the border wall to separate itself from it his neighbors to counteract vices such as terrorism. Further, the Republican president made a restriction on the people migration into the United States whereby some of the countries were denied entry into the United States (Gelman 135-140).

Policy Positions of Democrats

Further on the other side, the policies that have been formulated by the Democrats do not support military application in other countries. For example of the recent, the Democrats have supported the increase of the gun control legislation with the argument for the rise in the number of irresponsibility and shooting by the civilian gun holders. Further on other domestic issues, the Democratic Party is in support of social vices such are the right of the LGBTQ people as well as abortion as they believe that every human being has the right to choose what is right. Further, these can be supported by the last democratic administration of formal president Obama which came out openly during the United Nation Congress to uphold the legalization of the same-sex marriage agenda

Geographical and Demographic Differences

Further other difference between the Republican and the Democrat political parties are well displayed in areas of geography as well as demographics. For example, the Democratic Party has much dominance in areas such as the Great Lake and the Northeast region alongside the Pacific coast. Based on different studies that have undertaken in the field of polities some of the democratic candidates have great support from these regions while the republicans most have the support from the other areas (Selfa 136-156).

Differences in Worldviews

Further, difference between Republicans and the Democrats has gone beyond the support for policies. Citizens have examined the world in a manner which is majorly consistent with their dominant view. At this particular point political look are not limited only to the specific opinions they are the mechanism of viewing the world. For a long time, the Republicans have been known to generate the dispositional attribution, where else, on the other hand, the Democratic make the situation attributions. The assumption that can be made from this deduction is whereby the Democrats believe in the context while the Republicans thinking is based on the nature of the person. In this regard the Democrats since the formation of the party by their forefathers they tended to focus on intrinsic values such as growth, assisting and intimacy. Hoverer on the other side the Republicans have put much of their emphasis on the extrinsic values which comprise of an image, popularity as well as money and have degraded the prosaically values. Further, the democratic parties have focused on avoiding value trade off that put money in the first place, but the Republicans have focused on the push for the free riders which are the forefront towards the violation of the human rights. The Democrats have been known for their support of the more tolerant dissimilar and they lack the tendency to endorse the gender stereotypes. The Republicans tend to believe in the religious, much strictness on order among another different aspect.


In conclusion, the Republicans and the Democrats are much more wired differently. They are different aspects that have been undertaken by the two political parties in terms of politics, social life, and economy among other aspects. In this regard, the Republicans and the Democrats have different brain formation and functioning that have attracted the people to either of the sides. It should be noted that despite the vast difference that exists between these parties they are some similarities. In every election that is done in the United States, the people are aligned to the party based on the policies. For example, the Republicans have been much being known with the firm stand on foreign policies such as the migration of the people into the US as well as border regulations. On the side, the democrat party has well been know for it policies such as the support for the gay rights as well as the great fair of its people.

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November 13, 2023


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