The Disruptive Technology of Social Media

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Technology is becoming crucial in the current world of commerce. A combination of both business innovations and technology changes how companies conduct businesses as well as the societal behavior. The combination of innovation and technology can be referred to as the disruptive technology. Disruptive technologies come in as an equal or better substitute of a product currently offered in the market. A disruptive technology can contribute to market expansion with products of more functionality with a less cost. An example is the introduction and usage of personal computers, (Laudon, 2012).

Why the choice of social media?

In the field of business and marketing, social media is one of the technologies that is viewed as an example of a disruptive technology. Social media which is a key factor in the field of communication is a game changer over the evolution. The introduction of communication platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are not only for communication but also as marketing platforms. This technology is important since it is involved with a bigger population around the world.

What made it disruptive?

The simplicity of usage and application especially the WhatsApp makes it more functional with a very small cost. These two factors made it a disruptive technology. According to an article by (Michelle, June 2016), the society is calling upon businesses firms to embrace digitalism for efficiency and simplicity.

How might companies find partners before technology inventions?

Before tech inventions, managers faced a number of challenges since they had to serve a dual role of both a technical developer and an implementer as well. So they partnered through inventions of the companies serving in the same industry (Dorothy, 2016).


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January 19, 2024


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