The Earth Song by Michael Jackson

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For this essay, I have decided to use the song “The Earth Song” by Michael Jackson. The song addresses environmental issues like overfishing of the oceans and deforestation. The song depicts what the planet is presently facing. Jackson tries to educate people that all pollutions, poverty, and wars have a negative effect on the inhabitants of the earth and the earth itself. The song’s meaning is very critical to our daily lives. Environmental pollution is something that has continued for quite an extended period. Jackson decided to come up with the song to send a message to the society since the Earth is speechless. Through the song, Michael Jackson attempts to support and persuade the society to take action and do something about the environment. The song started with the soundscape of a forest and a harp arpeggio often linked with the wind. It mirrors meditative music and immediately creates a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The piano plays calmly and softly.

Personal Reflection

When I listen to the song, I feel sad and disturbed with the fact that people are going on destroying the environment. Even though the first part of the song is peaceful and natural, the next message is so disturbing. I respect the magic and secrets of nature. This is why the song makes me so angry to see things happening in the wrong way. I feel that nature is trying hard to compensate for the mismanagement of the earth by human beings. I love trees; I love the entire planet. The song provides a sense awareness, hope, and awakening to individuals. The song conveys the affection of love towards the environment. Let’s take care of the planet earth.

October 05, 2023




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