The Effects of Shoplifting on Retailers

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Shoplifting refers to the unnoticed theft in retail places. The culprit usually conceals the stolen item and leaves the retail places without paying for it. Despite the measures put in place to curb shoplifting, the vice has continued especially in retail centers where there are no monitoring devices. Additionally, shoplifters can use concealing techniques and use of blind spots to hide the stolen item. Shoplifters are usually aware of their voices but cling to the notion that they can shoplift without getting caught or without getting a legal prosecution.

Losses Incurred by Retailers

When shoplifting is not monitored in a retail facility, the retailers incur several losses. Statistics show that, in the United States of America, shoplifting causes over $ 13 billion annual loss for retailers. This amount greatly results in high losses and may impact negatively on retail shops. Some small-scale retailers have been shut down owing to the serious implications caused by shoplifters.


Demographically, men outnumber the women in shoplifting. Additionally, the age groups from the age of 15 years have a high record of shoplifters. This age-group is pressured by a number of factors. Studies have shown that the age-groups from 15 years get engaged in shoplifting owing to peer pressures and prime-life demands. However, the number of women involved in shoplifting has been increasing over time. This means that all genders and youths are more susceptible to the temptation and acts of shoplifting.

Strategies to Minimize Shoplifting

There are a number of strategies which can be used to minimize the statistics attached to shoplifting. Firstly, the prime-age groups should be educated of the dangers attached to shoplifting(Barnfield, and Joshua, 67). This will include the provision of counseling to those who have confessed to having shoplifted. This will be necessary to ensure that and sundry are aware of the repercussions of shoplifting. Secondly, the retail facilities should ensure that all blind spots are manned. This will help in culminating the losses attached to shoplifting(Barnfield, and Joshua, 67).

Thirdly, the retailer should ensure that the stores are well organized. Disorganization of products in the stores is one of the leading causes of shoplifting. It will also be easy to know the absence of a commodity through the proper arrangement of commodities. Fourthly, coordinated customer service should be utilized in retail facilities(Barnfield, and Joshua, 77). For example, greeting the customers as they enter the premises creates an impression that the facility acknowledges their presence. This helps in creating a mood within the retail facility which frightens potential shoplifters. Similarly, depending on the size of the retail facility, it will be necessary to increase the number of staff members. Increased staff members help in monitoring all corners of the shop (Barnfield, and Joshua, 72).

Lastly, retailers should have clear designs for the shop. For example, there should be designated entrance and exit places. The exit doors should be fixed with devices that detect any unrecorded commodities(Barnfield, and Joshua, 67). Designed centers ensure that all people who enter or leave the retail facility are known. Additionally, visual cues should be utilized to study the body language of customers. This will be necessary to detect shoplifters even before they can steal an item from the retail shop(Barnfield, and Joshua, 67).


Conclusively, shoplifting has resulted in several losses. The legal bodies should formulate strict policies against shoplifting. This will discourage people from engaging in shoplifting. Additionally, awareness should be created and necessary counseling accorded to the culprits to help them change their behaviors of shoplifting.

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September 18, 2023

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