The Family

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I always knew that I was the shining light of the family.

My brother Mike, on the other hand, was always the scandalous one. My brother always found a way of getting in trouble even when everyone thought that there was no possible way one would go wrong. On the particular chrismas, he did it again.

We had attended a charismas party at my grandfather’s place as it had been usual for as long as I remember.

My cousins were in attendance alongside their parents as usual. Everybody seemed to be trying to maintain good behavior in the party to ensure that they did not embarrass themselves and their family. Even John, the family’s clown kept his cool. Mike, on the other hand, decided to be himself when pretense would have been the best option. Mike drunk a half a bottle of whiskey and lost the little rationality that remains in him when he gets sober. He then moved to the middle of the family hall to ensure that he would be the center of attention and shouted, I hate all of you.

Silence prevailed for a few minutes as everyone turned to look and see whether whoever spoke was actually a member of the family or a lunatic had sneaked into the family gathering.

They all saw him and turned to use. The rest of my immediate family that included my mother, father and I were standing together near the fridge. We did not know what to do. I felt like entering the fridge to hide, but the idea was not feasible. So we glanced at each other before my father rushed to Mike and grabbed him by the ear and forced us all out of the room. “Party is over,” he announced before we went without bidding anyone goodbye.

November 24, 2023


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